$1700 CPP Direct Deposit In June 2024: By Trudeau, Check Eligibility

The government of Canada has introduced numerous schemes and programs aimed at providing financial assistance to the economically weak and elderly sections of the society. Trudeau had signed various such initiatives into law and it is rumoured that he is going to sign $1700 CPP Direct Deposit In June 2024,but there hasn’t been any confirmation regarding the same yet. Everyone, especially the senior citizens of Canada are eagerly awaiting a notification related to the $1700 disbursement. And we can definitely understand their plight but the only thing we can do right now is be patient and wait for the government to confirm the news.

$1700 CPP Direct Deposit In June 2024

$1700 CPP Direct Deposit In June 2024

The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) established in 1966 affects millions of families in Canada today. And so any news related to an increase or boost regarding the same is looked forward to by many. The CPP which is managed by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) entails a plethora of benefits such as a retirement pension, post- retirement security, survivor’s pension, disability benefits and many more. If a $1700 CPP Direct Deposit In June 2024 is provided by the CRA, it will bring with it a wave of joy for the beneficiaries. The beneficiaries must be aware of the eligibility criteria, anticipated $1700 CPP Direct Deposit Payment Date 2024 and the application process( if required) in case the government confirms such a disbursement as mentioned above.

Program Details
Name of the Program $1700 CPP Direct Deposit In June 2024
Managing Authority Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
Government Canadian Government 
Country Canada 
Amount $1700
Frequency Monthly 
How to claim Explained below
Official Portalcanad.ca

$1700 CPP Eligibility 2024

It is imperative that the applicants know the $1700 CPP Eligibility 2024 before applying and make sure they are qualified for the same. We have provided a rough estimate of what the criteria will look like for those who wish to receive $1700 under CPP in June 2024.

  • The interested candidate must be at least 60 years old ( if applying under the senior citizen category)
  • Must have made at least one valid contribution (as per guidelines set by the CRA) to CPP during their working tenure.

Interested candidates should check the official websites for getting information regarding the contribution amount, exceptions(if any) and documents required.

$1700 CPP Direct Deposit Payment Schedule 2024

Month$1700 CPP Direct Deposit Payment Date 2024

How to Claim $1700 CPP Direct Deposit Payment 2024

The process to claim the $1700 direct deposits is very simple. We have mentioned the procedures below. In case you are already a recipient of the regular CPP Payment Amount 2024 will be transferred to the account you have provided with the CRA directly as soon as your application is approved. The steps given below.

  • Make sure you qualify according to the $1700 CPP Eligibility 2024 provided and fit the overall parameters set by the CRA.
  • Apply through the My Services Canada Account 
  • Go to the designated portal and fill an application (if required) (in case it is not for the ones who already receive CPP then you can just check the $1700 CPP Direct Deposit Payment Date 2024 and the checks will be directly deposited into your account)

The procedure mentioned above might require you to submit a few documents as well. You should have a copy of all these documents in your device and attach them in the application if necessary. If a $1700 check is disbursed in the future then the beneficiaries should stick to the pointers stated previously.

$1700 Extra CPP Payment June 2024

  • The retirement pension provided under the Canada Pension Plan is a taxable amount. Hence, the disbursement provided by the CRA on a monthly basis as pension is charged for tax.
  • If someone didn’t choose direct deposit as the mode of receiving or receiving direct deposits isn’t convenient for them. Then they can choose an alternative through which they can receive the money. As an alternative, a cheque will be mailed to the beneficiary during the last three business days of the month in question.


It is only rumoured that $1700 will be disbursed in June 2024 but there is no confirmation at all from the government authorities regarding this yet. Multiple news portals can claim that such and such disbursement will be made in a particular month on a particular date but you should wait until the same is verified by a government website.

FAQs On $1700 CPP Direct Deposit In June 2024

Is there a chance for any potential frauds related to CPP that I should look out for in 2024?

Many cases related to frauds and scams have been reported by the citizens recently. You should definitely be vigilant regarding the same. It is imperative that you do not disclose any of your banking details, important passwords etc. to anyone who claims to be the CRA and calls you in this regard. The communication by the government will mostly happen through Services Canada or other official government channels online.

What is the helpline number for Services Canada?

The helpline number that you can use to contact Services Canada is 1-800-277-9914. You can call them at this number in case you are in need of any assistance.

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