$2300 Extra OAS For Seniors June 2024 – Check Who Qualifies & Eligibility News

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has worked on a variety of programs and schemes time and again for the upliftment of its people.And many of these have touched the lives of numerous Canadians by helping them financially. The CRA has been helping the people for years but there is a dire need for them to focus even more now as lately the inflation has  been on a rise and Canadians are struggling to make both ends meet. It is rumored that $2300 will be sanctioned by the Canada Revenue Agency in 2024 as an extra payment for OAS. There is however no confirmation regarding the same yet. 

$2300 Extra OAS For Seniors June 2024

The Old Age Security(OAS) pension is disbursed every month by the CRA. The beneficiaries always look out for any new information related to the OAS payments. The beneficiaries usually include Canadian senior citizens who are above the age of 65. The OAS is a much needed financial aid for the seniors currently this is because the medical expenses have been at an all time high. We can even say that expenses of all sorts are currently high and the costs graph is only moving upwards as of now.

Many news portals have been claiming that Extra OAS Payment Amount 2024 $2300 disbursement will be made under OAS in June 2024. It will be great for all especially Canadian senior citizens if such a payment is given out. But we can only wait right now as confirmation regarding the same has not been received from any government channel.

$2300 Extra OAS Payment June 2024

Canada Old Age Security 2024- Overview

Name of the Program$2300 Extra OAS Payment June 2024
Managed byCanada Revenue Agency
Extra OAS Payment Amount 2024$2300
$2300 Extra OAS Payment Date 2024Monthly
Official Websitewww.canada.ca

Disclaimer– Currently there is no confirmation that a $2300 Extra OAS For Seniors June 2024 will be disbursed. It is only rumored that such a payment will be made on the 26th for the month of June in 2024. We do not claim that a $2300 payment will surely be made. Readers should also keep in mind that they should verify all the data provided with an official government website as sometimes errors can occur during the writing process.

$2300 OAS Eligibility 2024

The eligibility criteria of a program that anyone is applying to is crucial for them. It plays a major part in determining whether they would be deemed qualified and receive the benefit or not. We have mentioned below the criteria required to meet the $2300 OAS Eligibility 2024 under OAS in 2024. All interested candidates must go through it.

For most cases the $2300 will be directly deposited into the account you have provided with the CRA if you’re already an OAS recipient. So basically you must meet all the eligibility criteria for OAS. And then you can file an additional application for the Extra OAS Payment Amount 2024 if required.

Following is the $2300 OAS Eligibility 2024.

  • The age of an OAS applicant should be either equal to or more than 65 years
  • Should have lived in Canada for at least 10 years
  • Should be a citizen of Canada 
  • All senior citizens must also be aware that there are also other specific cases in which a person might become eligible for the OAS payments such as having common law partners, working outside of Canada for a Canadian employer etc. 

How to Claim $2300 Extra Old Age Security 2024

It is likely that if you already receive the regular OAS Payment 2024 then the extra disbursement will directly be deposited into your bank account. However, filling out a form is not a requirement a lot of times. So, you should check the designated website to find out information regarding the same. If nonetheless there is a need to do so you can then register or apply through the My Services Canada Account (MSCA) on canada.ca

OAS Payment Schedule 2024

The $2300 Extra OAS Payment Amount 2024 will be received on the dates as per the expected payment schedule provided below. The disbursement will be made on the 26th for the month of June in 2024. It should be kept in mind that $2300 Extra OAS Payment Date 2024 are only expected and not final for a Payment (which is not confirmed) as per CRA guidelines.

OAS Payment Date 2024
29 January, 2024
27 February, 2024
26 March, 2024
26 April, 2024
29 May, 2024
26 June, 2024
29 July, 2024
28 August, 2024
25 September, 2024
29 October, 2024
27 November, 2024
20 December, 2024

$2300 Extra OAS For Seniors June 2024- Fact Check

  • The tax returns of all applicants must be filed by the extended deadline of June 30, 2024. It is crucial for the beneficiaries to know that if they fail to do so then such a mistake might result in cancellation of their OAS payment.
  • All documents that the beneficiaries are planning on providing to the CRA must be up to date. If they are very old and don’t contain relevant information required by the CRA then the OAS application approval process of such an individual will probably be hindered.

FAQs On $2300 Extra OAS For Seniors June 2024

Which documents are required while registering for OAS?

The necessary documents that are needed while registering for OAS are proof of age( which can be a passport, birth certificate etc.), proof of residency( this includes citizenship certificates) and a distinct Social Insurance Number.

What is the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) helpline number?

If you want to contact the CRA and seek help from them then you should call them at 1-800-959-8281.

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