Capital One Settlement Claim June 2024: Check Status, Claim Form & Payment Dates

Based upon some rumors we started a research about the Capital One Settlement Claim June 2024 and as per our fact check we found that In July of 2019, an unauthorized individual managed to access the personal information of approximately 98 million people who had either applied for or possessed Capital One credit cards in the United States and Canada. The repercussions of this security breach were significant for the victims involved. In the year 2019, Capital One faced a data breach incident that resulted in the initiation of a class action lawsuit. Fast forward to 2021, the financial institution has agreed to a settlement amounting to $190 million. The settlement serves as restitution for individuals who suffered financial losses due to the security breach. 

In 2024, the settlement funds will be distributed as cash payments to cover out-of-pocket expenses incurred for defense services. Eligible recipients will receive 25K USD per person as compensation after qualifying as per Capital One Settlement Eligibility 2024.  For further details on the Capital One Bank Settlement 2024, including payment status and more, please continue the official website 

Capital One Settlement Claim June 2024 - Status, Claim Form, Payment Dates

Capital One Settlement Claim June 2024

Approximately 98 million people who submitted applications for the Capital One credit card had their personal data compromised by an unauthorized party in July 2019. This security breach had serious consequences and resulted in a settlement being reached. The agreement is a component of a collective legal action designed to tackle the consequences of the event. Starting from September 28, 2023, qualified individuals who are included in the Capital One Settlement Claim June 2024 will be granted their payment.

The main administrator responsible for the settlement has begun distributing the payments. All measures have been taken to ensure that affected individuals receive their entitled compensation as quickly as possible. In addition to the monetary payment, eligible individuals will also receive credit monitoring services, reimbursement for certain expenses, and protection against identity theft. All the details about the capital one bank settlement and other details can be found on the official online portal of Capital One 

Capital One Settlement Claim Per Person Payout 2024

Claim NameCapital One Settlement Claim 2024
Organization NameCapital One 
Last Date For Form Filling27 November 2023
Total Amount $190 Million 
Payment Method Oline 
Capital One Settlement Claim Per Person Payout 2024Up To $25,000 USD
Post Category Finance

Capital One Settlement Eligibility 2024

Based on the below listed requirements, all the individuals who fulfilled the Capital One Settlement Eligibility 2024 will be considered as qualified and can proceed further in the procedure.

  • Residing in the United States of America, whose personal information which includes name, address, Social Security number, as well as their bank details was compromised during the year, 2019 one data breach, as discovered by capital one.
  • Applicants who have already received a notification informing them that they may be qualified for settlement.
  • Individuals who completed a valid claim prior to the deadline of 27 November 2023.

Capital One Settlement Payout Dates 2024

US residents who have had their personal information compromised in the Capital One data breach are entitled to participate in the Capital One Settlement if they meet the federal eligibility requirements. A settlement will be provided to individuals residing in the United States whose personal details, including their name, address, bank account number, and Social Security Number, were compromised during the data breach. To be eligible for the Capital One Bank Settlement, they need to have been notified of their potential eligibility and filed a valid claim by November 27, 2023. Once verified, eligible individuals will receive the settlement amount through direct deposit according to Capital One Settlement Payout Dates 2024 which are not announced till now. In addition, all members of the settlement class will receive credit assistance regardless of the nature of their claim.

Fill Capital One Settlement Claim Form 2024

Furthermore, credit assistance will be provided to all members of the settlement class, irrespective of the type of claim they have. The bank settlement is for the class members who have recently filed their valid, kindly cleans which initially compressed up to $25,000 per individual. All the claimants receive their compensation in the form of digital payments. The settlement administrator is responsible for processing these payments initially. The capital one bank settlement lawsuit was filed on behalf of around 98 million individuals who experienced financial hardship and meet the necessary criteria to collect their payments. With the federal which began the claim process from the suffers to provide their investments back. The capital one bank claim was started on 27th December in the previous year 2023 and the qualified applicants were able to Fill Capital One Settlement Claim Form 2024 through a leading portal of one at 

FAQs On Capital One Settlement Claim June 2024 

What was the last date to submit the forms to proceed further with the settlement?

As per our fact check and research we found that the individual wanted to proceed further with the bank agreement with capital one then they were supposed to fill out the form before 27 November 2023.

I am supposed to submit the claim form so that I can proceed further with one bank settlement?

Anyone can submit the form if you want to their bank settlement with capital ones by visiting their official online portal 

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