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Ever wondered what to do in case you misplace your Social Security Card. In that case SSA is there to help you as they will replace your card. The Social Security Card Replacement Online can be done online through the official website The card may be a small 9 digit number which is very important and is undeniable and can do wonders. The beneficiaries can apply for the card replacement through the My Social Security Account. In this post we have mentioned all the details on the Card Replacement along with the other documents which are needed for it.

Remember: The Only process to apply for Social Security Card Replacement is by Going to Therefore, there is no otherway you can get your card replaced Online. We Request everyone to kindly follow the process given on official web portal which is Only.

Social Security Card Replacement Online

The Social Security Administration is giving the Social Security benefits to the citizens with low income and if they have retired from work. The people living in the United States are given the time limit to pay their taxes and they are provided the Social Security Card which contains the number. The SSN card is different for all the citizens and each of the beneficiaries has to secure their card. The safety of the card is in the hands of the beneficiaries themselves and the beneficiaries may sometimes misplace or lose their card. The beneficiaries shall be given the replacement of the card if they have lost their card or it has to be updated. 

In certain cases the beneficiaries can apply for the replacement of the card though the My Social Security Account and it is the most convenient and the safest method. The ones who are unable to use this method can apply for the replacement of the card through going in person or through mail. Through the post below you can get the complete details on how you can replace the card of SSN and what is the complete process to it.

Social Security Card Replacement Online

SSA’s Social Security Card Replacement

The beneficiaries of Social Security are given the SSN card which allows the citizens to easily get their money. This card is nothing special but it just has the unique Social Security Number which is of 9 digits. The card will be replaced if you have lost it or changes are to be made to it.

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Organization Social Security Administration 
Benefit Social Security 
Given To US citizens with low income 
Card name Social Security Card 
Tax Number Social Security Number 
Replacement of card in cases Lost, theft or other thing 
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Ways To Get SSN Card Replacement

  • You can request for the replacement of the card online if you have a My Social Security Account and this can be done in just a few steps.
  • You can visit the local Social Security Office to help in getting the replacement of the card. 
  • You can download the Form SS-5 and have to submit the same to complete the application process. 

When Do You Need Social Security Card Replacement

  • When a Card is Lost or Stolen: when you lose the Social Social Security card, it is very important to get it replaced and a lost card will be very bad if it has been given in wrong hands. You can report the loss immediately to the SSA.
  • Damaged Card: if the card has been damaged, you can apply for the replacement and the damaged card will not be accepted for any identification.
  • Name Change: if you have changed the name due to marriage, divorce or any order by the Court, you can apply for a new card and you need various documents to support your proof.
  • Errors on Old Cards: there can be cases when there will be errors on the card and these can be either misspelling of name or wrong date of birth. If you find such errors you need to apply for the replacement of the card to ensure the accuracy.
  • Apply for SSN for First Time: if you have not got the SSN, you will have to apply for the same for the first time. The process includes completing Form SS-5 and submitting the required documents.

Ways To Get Social Security Card With New Name

If you have changed the name legally or after divorce, you will have to apply for a new Social Security Card. You have to complete the process by submitting the documents mentioned below.

  • Marriage certificate copy 
  • Court’s order for change in name legally copy
  • Copy of divorce papers

How To Complete Form SS-5?

  • All you have to begin with is first fill in the name which you wish to get on your card.
  • If you have a Social Security Number, you shall mention it else leave it blank
  • If you were born outside the US, you shall provide the complete details of the Country and the State.
  • Fill in your complete date of birth
  • Select the option from the lists given to get your status
  • You shall then mention your gender
  • Provide the details on the Parents Name
  • Mention if you are applying for yourself or on behalf of some other person
  • Mention the contact number using which the SSA can contact you
  • Fill in the address to get your card
  • Sign the documents on your own
  • Briefly check the form before its submission.

FAQs On Social Security Card Replacement Online

When do you need a Social Security Card Replacement?

The card replacement is needed when you have lost a card or it has been damaged.

How can you get the card replacement?

The card can be replaced through online mode or by applying in person.

How can you get the Social Security Card Replacement with a new name?

You can get the card replacement with a new name if you have legally changed the name after marriage, divorce or some legal reason and you have all the documents to it. 

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