Texas SNAP Benefits Payment June 2024: Check Eligibility & Payment Dates

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) serves millions of Texans overall and provides Food Stamps under the Texas SNAP Benefits Payment June 2024. It is one of the largest federal nutrition assistance programs in the United States currently. The average American has a number of different expenditures and most prioritize paying the rent, electricity bills and other primary expenses foremost. Hence, even thinking about proper nutritious food takes a back seat and most people just take quick to make packets as food Because these instant foods are cheaper and quicker. However, the government wants its people to be healthy and prosperous. Thus they introduced this program to provide benefits to those who qualify under Texas SNAP Benefits Payment Eligibility 2024. And now more than hundreds of families across different states in America rely on SNAP.

Texas SNAP Benefits Payment June 2024

Texas SNAP Benefits Payment June 2024

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission ( HHSC) helps the families receive the program benefits. This assistance has immensely benefited numerous low-income families and helped them buy nutritious food from the nearest local food stores. Currently we are not 100% sure when and if the government will be giving out the Texas SNAP Benefits Payment June 2024. Kindly keep checking the official websites for updates. This federally funded program has provided assistance to not only multiple families but to so many elderly people and single adults as well. The SNAP in Texas is managed by the Health and Human Services (HHS). Visit the official website mentioned below to get more information regarding the same.

Texas Food Stamp Payment June 2024

Department Name Texas Health and Human Services 
Benefit NameTexas Food Stamp Payment June 2024
Beneficiaries Low Income, Disabled and Senior Americans
FrequencyPer Month
Category Finance
Official Websitewww.hhs.texas.gov

Texas SNAP Benefits Fact Check 2024

  • We do not approve the news or program and you must rely on the official website.
  • The income limit table has been mentioned for up to 8 members. However, if there are more than 8 members then the additional amount of $6,994 must be added for each additional member. But it is important that you note that the amount of $6,994 per additional member is the amount that must be added per year and not per month.
  • Over 3 million Texans are currently benefiting from the Texas SNAP as of June 2024. The huge number of people being helped by this program are hence leading better lives than they did before they became recipients of the program.


We cannot claim that everything that is mentioned is 100% true as per government websites because there is always a chance that there is something missing or something else that is rumored has been stated. Kindly do not solely rely on it and contact your local HSSC office for further details.

Texas SNAP Benefits Payment Eligibility 2024

There are certain criteria that need to be fulfilled in order to become eligible for any program. The same goes for the SNAP in Texas, United States of America. Following is the Texas SNAP Benefits Payment Eligibility 2024 based on which you can decide whether you will be receiving the payment in June 2024 or not.

  • Residency : To be deemed eligible for this program you must be a resident of the state of Texas. Hence, it is crucial that anyone who is applying for Texas SNAP is currently a resident of Texas.
  • Annual Household Income : The annual income of your household should be less than the threshold set by the government. The entire table that mentions the maximum household income you can pertaining to the number of members present in the family is given below. Kindly refer to it but make sure that you check with the relevant managing agency for this case to get the most accurate guidelines.
Household SizeMaximum Income Level (Per Year)

Add $6,994 per annum for every additional person if the family in question has more than 8 members.

  • Current Bank Balance : The current bank balance (savings and checks combined) should be under $2,001. But $3,001 for those who share their household either with (a member or members of the age 60 or above) or (with a person with a disability).
  • SSN : The interested ones must have a valid and unique Social Security Number (SSN) as provided by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Having a distinctive SSN is crucial for someone who wants to receive the Texas SNAP benefits.
  • Work Requirements : The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has established certain work requirements to be fulfilled by those between the ages of 18-50 years and are willing to receive the SNAP benefits. Check benefits.gov to find out further specific details regarding the same.

How To Claim Texas SNAP Benefits 2024

If such a payment will be made in the future. The beneficiaries must know how to apply. Following are the steps one must abide by to Claim Texas SNAP Benefits 2024.

  • Get started by going to the official website of Texas for SNAP (along with other relevant programs) which is https://www.yourtexasbenefits.com
  • Apply for the Texas SNAP benefits payment online by uploading the necessary documents and filling in all the required information (Some of the documents they may ask for can be evidence of identity, citizenship, income etc.)
  • Complete the process and click on submit 
  • However, you can alternatively apply at the local Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) office as well. You can call them at 2-1-1.
  • At the end of the process, you should also download the ‘Your Texas Benefits’ app so that you can keep checking the status of your benefit.

Texas SNAP Benefit Payment Schedule June 2024

The payment schedule of a program like the Texas SNAP is always looked forward to by the beneficiaries. In Texas, the SNAP benefits are disbursed on a monthly basis. The disbursement starts from the beginning of the month and goes on till the very end. But the date on which a particular household will receive the benefit can vary. This is because the distribution is done on the basis of the last digit of the household’s Eligibility Determination Group (EDG) Number. If the SNAP amount is disbursed in the month of June in 2024 then the payment schedule will be defined on the basis of the above criteria and is expected to look something like this:

Last Digit of EDG NumberTexas SNAP Benefit Payment Schedule June 2024
00-031 June 2024
04-062 June 2024
07-103 June 2024
11-134 June 2024
14-175 June 2024
18-206 June 2024

And so on till 96-99 as the last digits of EDG number and 28th June,2024 as the last date for the disbursement in June 2024.

FAQs On Texas SNAP Payment June 2024

What are links for some important websites that have information related to Texas SNAP 2024?

You can visit usa.gov or benefits.gov to know more about it.

How to receive SNAP payments in 2024? 

The allocated amount based on the various factors mentioned in the article will be sent into the household’s Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) account in a single payment.

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