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There are several rumors and news articles about the US Army Pay Chart 2024 based upon which we started research and as per our checks, we found that the 2024 military pay may observe a 5.2% increase from the levels of the previous year 2023. The military pay charts, which were initially distributed to all, are valid for active personnel serving in the Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Space Force. Which reflects a 5.2% increase announced on 26 December 2023, in the federal register it was mentioned. These new rates have been started from 1st January 2024.

The United States military is renowned for its worst size, encompassing various branches, which include US navy, marine, special force, air force, etc. Every soldier in the United States military fulfills their responsibilities based on their specific military rank. If an individual is currently serving or planning to serve in the military of the United States of America, it is advisable to, refer the official website of US Military at “US Military Pay 2024” where all the details have been provided about the US Military 2024, including rank wise pay grades in the United States of America military, as well as the military budget in the United States for the financial year 2024.

US Army Pay Chart 2024

US Army Pay Chart 2024

The military pay for the current year 2024 is set to increase by 5.2% as compared to the rates of the previous year 2023. The US Army Pay Chart 2024 was initially linked on the official website specifically for active duty members of Navy, Marine Corps, army, Air Force and special forces as well. There are some tables which initially represent the monthly pay for the current year 2024 which includes the 5.2% increase that was approved on 26 December 2023, as per the federal resistor. The updated rates were taken into effect on 1st January 2024.

The Department of Defense in the United States of America is responsible for management of the military and to provide all necessary facilities and equipment for the well-being of US armed forces. The budget for fiscal 2024 has been announced by the United States, with approximately $842 billion allocated for the military spendings. The military budget for the current year 2024 has witnessed a significant surge, amounting to a staggering $26 billion more than the previous year. This notable increase translates to a growth rate of 4.57% in the overall military expenditure. this budget makes several expenses within the military of the United States, including adjustments to pay scale for military personnel. For more details about the updates of the US Military Budget 2024 it is advisable to everyone to please visit the official website 

Overview- US Army Pay Chart 2024

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Compute The US Military Salary By Rank

Anyone may have the most recent pay chart of the US Army by visiting the official website of the concerned department and simply follow the steps outlined in the below listed points.

  • Please visit the DFAS website at to obtain more information.
  • It will lend you to the updated dashboard, where you must select the tab labeled members.
  • Navigate to the “Pay Entitlements” section and choose the specific pay table you wish to assess, such as the active duty pay table.
  • The US Military Salary 2024 displayed the standard salary for every salary level and length of service.

US Army Pay Chart 2024

You may refer to the table below to view the United States Army Pay Chart 2024 based on your rank in the various branches of the army. Our table initially provides the basic pace scales for service members, with details specific to the number of years served as a particular rank. It is necessary to recognize that employees are entitled to additional payment benefits beyond the basic pay scale outlined in the below attached table. Military personnel are qualified to collect various forms of compensation, including special duty pay, hazardous duty pay, and incentive pay. Moreover, they are entitled to collect additional payment, benefits, such as complementary housing and meals, healthcare coverage, as well as educational prospects. For further details regarding the US Army pay and benefits, please visit the official website of Defense Finance and Accounting Service at .

RankYears of serviceUS Military Salary 2024 (Monthly Basic Pay (USD))
O-10Over 4417,675.10
O-9Over 4016,974.90
O-8Over 3616,275.10
O-7Over 3215,635.80
O-6Over 2814,341.80
O-5Over 2412,187.50
O-4Over 208,254.82
O-3Over 166,826.10
O-2Over 124,421.37
O-1Under 23,637.26
W-5Over 286,576.09
W-4Over 245,518.94
W-3Over 204,503.20
W-2Over 163,637.26
W-1Under 23,081.63
E-9Over 386,971.03
E-8Over 265,518.94
E-7Over 204,171.03
E-6Over 143,346.95
E-5Over 82,823.95
E-4Over 42,399.66
E-3Over 22,038.59
E-2Under 21,917.63
E-1Under 41,807.18

FAQ On US Army Pay Chart 2024

By how much percentage the US Army pays for every rank is increased in 2024?

As per our research, the salaries of US Army as per the rank was increased by 5.2%.

Which is the concerned website where the salaries for all the army workers based upon their rank can be located?

All the salaries are regularly uploaded by the department for all the army members as per their rank on their official online portal

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