Fact-Checking Policy

Welcome to RTUEXAM.NET, Where we commit to deliver information as per editorial standards. When it comes to reporting, we see ourselves at the highest standards of accuracy and integrity. Our fact-checking policy is a top most priority adhering to the delivery of fair and accurate information to our niche customers. You can read further to get the details on the fact checking policy of our portal.

Verification of Sources: Before writing any information, we often cross check the same from the official website which leads to the trueness of the data. We always stick to cross checking the information from multiple reliable sources to ensure our data is accurate in every sense.

Cross-Verification: Any Claims, figures, statistics or assertive details in our content undergo a cross verification process. Experts are being consulted, research is being conducted at every step and the data is being compared to the reputable sources.

Correction Policy: In any case if our report has errors in our reporting, we believe in making corrections or clarifications. Transparency is our first priority, and we never deny making corrections in our content to maintain the trustworthy audience.

Independent Review: Before publishing any content, we seek independent review at 2 stages: 1. When the writer sends the complete report 2. Editor makes corrections to it and then publishes the report. Our Portal is against all the biases and we present the data which is free from any of the undue influence.

Continuous Improvement: When it comes to new innovations, we are always ahead in making changes to our content which brings new improvements. Feedback from Audience helps us to improve our data and it helps to deliver more accurate data.
By following all these principles, we have aimed to provide accurate, reliable and trustworthy information to our niche customers.

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