$3400 GIS Payment Dates July 2024: Know Eligibility & Amount Update

The Government of Canada offers various pension benefits for all its citizens along with the  GIS which is also known as the Guaranteed Income Supplement. During March 2024 the CRA announced the new GIS payments for July and September 2024. New adjustments into the GIS are made according to the CPI and COLA in the months of January, April, July and October. This process is repeated to analyze the increase in Cost Of Living which is affected by the consumer price index. Hence, it helps the government to keep a track of what extra help can be given to all its beneficiaries. People who are pre existing beneficiaries of the GIS may receive their upcoming payments in this month according to $3400 GIS Payment Dates July 2024. Along with the CPP, OAS and QPP, the GIS plays an important role for low income seniors. This is given to people who are eligible under all the Guaranteed Income Supplement Payments Eligibility 2024 required to meet the demands of this program. People who are eligible for the OAS may apply and start receiving direct deposits.

People who want to receive GIS monthly payments in cheques may note that the amount may take 7 to 10 business days to reflect into your bank account. GIS is available for all existing beneficiaries of the Old Age Security Benefits of Canada. Further in this article we will discuss and analyze the eligibility and how people can easily apply for the GIS in 2024.

$3400 GIS Payment Dates July 2024 - Check Who Is Eligible ?

$3400 GIS Payment Dates July 2024

The GIS payment for July will be issued to all eligible candidates. Although the amount of $3400 is not yet specific, the amount of payment may change. People who are new to the GIS can apply by using the online/offline mode and submit their personal information along with their SIN. The amount for the GIS 2024 will be discussed further and it is also available on the official website of the CRA. People who are receiving funds under the Old Age Security Plan need not to fill any application forms to start receiving their GIS. These people will automatically receive their payments on a monthly basis according to $3400 GIS Payment Dates July 2024. People who get enrolled will receive an official letter from Services Canada which contains all details of your GIS payments for 2024. Annual income of individuals plays a crucial role in knowing whether you qualify for the GIS or not. This number may change with future adjustments.

Month$3400 GIS Payment Dates July 2024
July29 July
August28 August
September25 September
October29 October
November27 November
December20 December

Guaranteed Income Supplement Income Limit 2024

Eligible Candidates  Guaranteed Income Supplement Income Limit 2024
Single Individual $21,624  
Spouse/common partner (Receiving OAS)$28,560
Spouse/Common Partner (Didn’t Receive OAS)$51,840
Spouse/Common (one receiving GIS)$39,984

$3400 GIS Payment July 2024

Title$3400 GIS Payment July 2024
Name of the programGuaranteed Income Supplement
Aim of ProgramFinancial aid for low income individuals 
Upcoming PaymentsJuly 2024
Estimate Payment Amount$3400
Eligible CandidatesSenior Citizens
Eligibility CriteriaAnnual income, Age        
Official Websitewww.canada.ca.

GIS Payments Eligibility 2024

People who are receiving the Old Age Security Payments for the year 2024 will be automatically enrolled for the GIS payments 2024. These pre-existing beneficiaries of the OAS need not to fill any application forms and will receive a letter from the CRA after which they may start receiving these payments on dates mentioned in their letters. Yet there is a big number of people who are new to the GIS and they need to come under the GIS Payments Eligibility 2024 after which they can qualify for the GIS.

  • Existing beneficiaries of the OAS.
  • Senior citizens who are over the age of 65.
  • Citizens and residents of Canada.
  • If you live abroad, you must have spent 6 months in Canada every year.
  • Must have your birth certificate and SIN.

GIS Payment Amount 2024

The payment amount for the GIS is monitored and adjusted after every three months to ensure that everyone receives a valid amount which is sufficient for their monthly expenditure. The GIS payment amount is dependent upon the Consumer Price Index and COLA at the present time. This helps the government keep pace with inflation and stabilize the economical conditions of the country.

Eligible CandidatesGIS Payment Amount 2024
Single Individual $1,072.93
Spouse/common partner (Receiving OAS)$645.84
Spouse/Common Partner (Didn’t Receive OAS)$1,072.93
Spouse/Common Partner (one receiving GIS)$654.84

$3400 GIS Payment Dates July 2024 – Fact Check

With this article we learned about the GIS payments for 2024 under the government of Canada. All information mentioned about the GIS is gathered from the official and reliable places only. Hence this information is accurate as of now but may change in future. This article is published to provide a basic insight of the ongoing reports about the upcoming GIS payments in the month of July 2024. All readers are requested to seek help and advice from professionals and experts only or they can visit the official website of the CRA to verify whether the information is true or not. 

FAQs On $3400 GIS Payment Dates July 2024 

Who will receive automatic GIS payments for 2024?

People who receive OAS will get automatically enrolled with the GIS.

Is GIS 2024 a taxable benefit?

GIS is a tax free benefit.

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