New $2550 GIS Payment Schedule 2024 – Check Who Is Eligible? & Dates

The new Guaranteed Income Supplement for 2024 is given for the low income and elderly population of Canada. The New $2550 GIS Payment Schedule 2024 is still under consideration of the government of Canada, the government is still working on improving and reconsidering the structure of this program. The government aims to increase the amount of payment provided under the GIS program and has not made anything official by now. The GIS is still being structured and reconsidered for improvements before the payments are distributed to its beneficiaries.

The GIS gives help to senior citizens by providing financial security to boost the current living conditions of low income families. The GIS 2024 covers basic necessities like food, shelter, and healthcare. This program gives the elderly population of Canada the right to live with dignity and a decent income which gives them independence so that they can support themselves. You should check $2550 GIS Payment Eligibility 2024 and then claim the benefits of Guaranteed Income Supplement. The increase in GIS payments 2024 will help with overall well-being and welfare to reduce finance stress and burden with the GIS financial assistance. The GIS not only provides financial assistance but also provides recognition to the elderly populations who have been contributing towards the society during their working years.

New $2550 GIS Payment Schedule 2024

New $2550 GIS Payment Schedule 2024

The new $2550 GIS payment for 2024 is structured for people who are 65 and above of age. Senior citizens who have less resources and low income can register themselves under the GIS 2024. The citizens should be a legal citizen and resident of Canada if they want access to these funds under the government of Canada. The GIS payments will be calculated on the basis of annual income and tax returns filed by its candidates. 

The GIS payment increase is automatic for its existing beneficiaries of OAS and GIS and citizens who have not enrolled for this program can visit the official website of the CRA and register themselves under the GIS payment benefits. The New $2550 GIS Payment Schedule 2024 are estimated to be around during the first week of July 2024. The payments shall be distributed on 6th of July 2024.

New $2550 GIS Payment 2024

ProgramNew $2550 GIS Payment 2024
Name of ProgramGuaranteed Income Supplement  
Year 2024
Eligibility criteria65 and above, residents of Canada
Eligible CitizensCitizens of Canada

Check Who Is Eligible For The New $2550 GIS Payment 2024?

Everyone in Canada who have been already receiving the OAS and GIS payments from the previous years are automatically eligible for the new increase. People who are new for the GIS Payment 2024 can register themselves for the GIS 2024 by using their MSCA at the official website of the CRA. Check the $2550 GIS Payment Eligibility 2024 in the section below.

  • If you are a senior citizen who is over the age of 65.
  • If you are a legal resident or a protected citizen under the Canadian government.
  • If you are one of the existing beneficiaries enrolled for the Canada Old Age Security pension plan.
  • Your tax returns should be cleared from the year 2023 before you fill your application form.
Eligible citizensAnnual Income eligibility
Single individual$28,987
Married couple$39,164
Spouse/ common law partner$28,987
Couple with one spouse    $39,1644

Claim New $2,550 GIS Payment 2024

The application process or GIS 2024 is simplified so that people can easily fill their application form and be a part of this scheme. The government will calculate the increase depending upon the tax return and annual income of its existing beneficiaries. For people who are new with this program can enroll by filling up the application form for the GIS 2024. Everyone may follow these simple steps if they want to Claim New $2,550 GIS Payment 2024.

  • Visit the official website of the CRA and login using your username and password of the My service Canada Account. Upon login you can easily navigate the GIS 2024 application form.
  • Fill the application form very carefully with all accurate details and don’t forget to attach all the required documents like your birth certificate, income proof and tax return documents for verification purposes.
  • After submission you must wait till the government reviews your application form and verifies the authenticity of your legal documents. 
  • All qualifying and non – qualifying candidates will receive an email which contains the decision of your application form.
  • Those who get qualified will be asked by the authorities to submit their bank details before they start receiving their payments.

New $2,550 GIS Payment Dates 2024

The GIS payments are said to be issued along with the OAS payments for 2024. Yet the GIS  payments are given away to all its beneficiaries once every three months every year. The payments dates are not yet specific still the payment dates for the tax year 2024 are as follows

GIS PaymentsNew $2,550 GIS Payment Dates 2024
GIS payments for July 20247 July 2024
GIS payments for October 20247 October 2024

New $2550 GIS Payments Schedule 2024 – Disclaimer

This article refers to a check upon the latest reports and speculations about the increase in the amount of the GIS payments for 2024. This decision is still under consideration of the government of Canada and nothing has been officially said by the concerned authorities. This article is just a basic analysis conducted upon the reports. Moreover, it does not claim that the news is completely true. The writer has done deep research and gathered the content from official sources and statements given away by the mainstream media only. Hence, all viewers are advised to take checks from the official website of the CRA before they land up taking any decisions. Help and considerations should be taken from professionals and officials only. Wait till the official website themselves publish the new changes before the payments are released.

FAQS On New $2,550 GIS Payment Schedule 2024

Who is eligible for payments 2024 under the GIS?

People with age over 65 years with low income and less resources qualify for this program.

What is the increase in the amount of GIS 2024?

The increase in GIS payment amount for 2024 is still under consideration.

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