S&CC Rebate 2024 – Check Who Is Eligible, Amount, Status, Disbursement

lakhs of people are residing in HDB flats in Singapore. The Housing and Development Board is a government organization that provides affordable and quality housing to the citizens of Singapore. This agency is basically formed to support the low and middle income citizens with their housing. The HDB recently announced the S&CC Rebate 2024 to support the citizens financially. The department will release the U-Save Rebate Payment Amount 2024 four times in a year i.e. January, April, July and October. After completing your S&CC Rebate Eligibility 2024 claimants will receive up to $950 in a year and S&CC relief for 4 months of utility bills depending upon the size and amenities with flat. Generally the Conservancy charges vary between $20 to $110 per month depending upon the rooms and facilities with the flat.  This rebate was introduced in this year’s budget to support the cost of living. As with inflation the cost of living is very high and it is difficult for the low income individuals to survive. For more updates on S&CC Rebate 2024 you can check the official website.

S&CC Rebate 2024

The eligible Singaporeans will receive the S&CC Rebate Amount 2024 who are living in HDB flats. The government enforced the law to support the citizens economically. This rebate is also known as U- Save rebate 2024. The Housing and Development Board will release the amount quarterly. The amount will vary with the number of rooms in the flat and the payment will be directly transferred to the claimants account. The receiver can pay off their utility bills with the rebate received. The purpose to launch this scheme is to make provisions for the affordable living of the citizens. This agency was formed for the welfare of the society. The residents will receive up to $950 rebate and service and conservancy charges rebate will cover up to  for fourth months of utility bills. The U-Save Rebate Payment Amount 2024 dependents upon the kind and size of flat. The large occupancy flats are charged higher S&CC rates than others. The S&CC rebate is collected by the town council for the improvement of the common areas and providing facilities within the society. 

S&CC Rebate 2024

U-Save Rebate Payment Amount 2024

The eligible residents need not have to apply for the U- Save rebate. The department will automatically transfer the amount in your utility account. The board will dispense the payment quarterly. 

Check the below mentioned tables for payment details and the S&CC rebate.

HDB Flat SizeU-Save Rebate Payment Amount 2024
1 and 2 rooms$950
3 rooms$850
4 Rooms $750
5 Rooms$650
Executive and Multi generation $550

Service & Conservancy Charges Rebate Chart 2024-25

HDB Flat SizeApril 2024JulyOctober 2024January 2024Total 
1 and 2 rooms1.
3 rooms1.
4 Rooms
5 Rooms0.
Executive and Multi generation

Who is eligible for S&CC Rebate 2024

You need not have to file any application for a rebate, the board will directly transfer it to your utility bill account and the CC service rebate will be collected by the town council for the maintenance of the estate. Check your complete S&CC Rebate Eligibility 2024 below.

  1. You must be a resident of Singapore.
  2. The citizen must be residing in the HDB flat
  3. he/she must not have interest in the private property.
  4. If you have rented the half flat then at least one of the occupant must be Singaporean
  5. The whole flat cannot be rented. 

Benefits of U- Save Rebate 2024

The Singapore government enacted the rebate For the welfare of the economically weaker section of the society:-

  1. The rebate alleviates the financial burden on the residents.
  2. The maintenance charges up to 4 months will be credited to town council
  3. Specially the low income residents will receive the U-save Rebate up to $950 
  4. With that cash money they can pay off their bills, loans
  5. They can save more.
  6. People can invest the money in the market, which will stimulate the economy.

How To Check the S&CC Rebate Disbursement Status 2024?

  • There is no particular way to track your refunds.
  • The board will directly transfer the U-Save Payment Amount 2024 to your account quarterly.
  • And the service and conservancy charges will be directly transferred to the town council for the maintenance and providing best amenities to the residents of the estate.
  • You can have the details about the rebate by checking the online official portal of HDB or by calling the toll free number of the department. 

FAQs On S&CC Rebate 2024

When will the residents receive the first installment of U-save Rebate?

The HDB will disburse the rebate quarterly and the first installment will be paid in the month of April 2024.

How will the residents receive the S&CC rebate 2024?

The S&CC rebate will be directly collected by the town council for the maintenance of the estate that includes- cleaning, roads maintenance, parks and other amenities.

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