SSI Restoration Act 2024 – Passed?, Benefits & Eligibility Details

The reality of today’s economy-is actually higher healthcare and housing expenses, pensions are disappeared, in a deed, Social Security benefits, as well as the lingering effects of the great recession-it means there are more number of individuals, which also include senior citizens who are struggling to pay the necessary expenses, such as food, housing, Medicare, etc. As senior citizens, they are aging towards poverty and homelessness. There are currently 7 million older persons living in poverty in the United States.

The Supplemental Security Income is initially a federal benefit which is provided to the senior citizens of the United States in the year 2024. Now Congress has passed SSI Restoration Act 2024 through which benefits will be revised and upgraded payments will be offered. The Supplemental Security Income Restoration Act 2024 is the historic bill which is being passed by Legislature to provide financial assistance to the needy citizens in United States. We have discussed the Benefits Of SSI Restoration Act 2024 which you must read to know the further details.

SSI Restoration Act 2024 - Check All Details

SSI Restoration Act 2024

The federal government of the United States administers a number of federal payment programs, which are carried out in collaboration with the Social Security Administration. Social Security payments are supplied on a monthly basis to all eligible individuals in the United States who are living below the poverty level, as well as those households who genuinely need it. Now, Congress is going to pass legislation for SSI Restoration Act 2024 and then benefits will be increased.

All the low income, individuals, senior citizens aged up to 65 years or older, disabled individuals are receiving SSI payments, which are the supplemental payments that provide modest financial assistance for the individuals who are unable to work properly to meet their basic expenses. The details about the SSI restoration act can be verified at These payments are distributed on the first of each month throughout the year, and the amount is transferred straight to the beneficiaries’ bank accounts.

Supplemental Security Income Restoration Act 2024

ProgramSupplemental Security Income Restoration Act 2024
Administered BySocial Security Administration 
Individual SSI Amount$943
Couple SSI Amount$1415
Payment FrequencyMonthly
Post TypeFinance
SSA Official Website 

SSI: Supplemental Security Income- What It Is?

Supplemental Security Income is a supplemental program initiated by the federal government of the United States for all the low income individuals that provides modest financial support for the individuals who are unable to work properly so that they can meet their basic necessities. The full month federal benefit in the year 2024 is $943 For the other $1415 for the couples, will this amount be below the poverty level. In actuality, the individual benefit level is just 74% of the federal poverty threshold, falling short of the amount of financial support that seniors and disabled people are required to meet their basic needs. Those who are receiving this income from other resources are deducted from their SSI benefits. Additionally, to the strict income, eligibility, criteria, SSI receivers specially the single individuals must be having the maximum limit of $2000 so that they can be qualified for this program. The SSI payment program’s criteria practically mandate all applicants to live below the poverty level, resulting in homelessness, starvation, and disease among seniors and those with disabilities.

SSI Restoration Act Passed 2024

Almost all the SSI Eligibility rules and regulations have not been updated since the program was first signed into the law by the president of the United States 50 years ago. For example, the maximum amount of money a beneficiary can get from other sources before their benefits are decreased is around $20. Today the cost of living is more than 5.5 times what it was in the year 1972, it means that $20 today’s time is equivalent to purchasing about three dollars in 1972 Dollars. In addition, the program’s assets were limited to $2000, which had not been upgraded since 1989. As the SSI Restoration Act Passed 2024 in Congress, all of you will be getting benefits as per latest inflation rates.

Benefits Of SSI Restoration Act 2024

Following are the Benefits Of SSI Restoration Act 2024 which you can claim.

  • The SSI benefit rate maybe increased to at least hundred percent of the federal poverty level, which is adjusted on annual basis, so that no individual Must be living under the poverty line.
  • All the couples will be able to collect their full SSI benefit, which will be the total of the individual SSI rates, rather than reduced marriage penalty rates.
  • Individuals will be easily able to collect up to one $49 monthly from other sources such as Social Security benefits or pension payments without a corresponding law in the benefits.

FAQs On SSI Restoration Act 2024

What does SSI stand for?

SSI initially stands for Supplemental Security Income, which is a federal program to provide financial support to the eligible individuals of the United States.

What is the SSI payment amount for single and couple applicants?

All the single applicants are collecting $943 as SSI payments as the couple applicants are collecting $1415.

Where can I check the official notice about the SSI restoration act 2024?

Official notice About the SSI restoration act will be available at, Which is the official website of the Social Security Administration.

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