$1,073 + $1,200 + $1,000 + $1,400 for Social Security, SSDI, SSI, Low Income 2024 – Update

The news is flashing on the internet about $1,073 + $1,200 + $1,000 + $1,400 for Social Security, SSDI, SSI, Low Income but according to our sources this is not true. It’s fake news. The needy citizens must not be dependent upon the $1,073 + $1,200 + $1,000 + $1,400 Payment. Till date the government has not confirmed the disbursement for social security, SSDI and SSI. The federal government’s agency SSA works for the welfare of the citizens. It regulates the monthly social security for the eligible applicants for their basic necessities. The Americans are dependent upon the financial aid provided by SSA for their daily expenses. The Social Security Administration manages the financial assistance funded by the federal government for the low income, blind, retired and disabled citizens for their wellbeing. We advise the citizens who are eligible for SSI and SSDI, don’t trust this news follow the official website of SSA www.ssa.gov for the latest updates.

$1,073 + $1,200 + $1,000 + $1,400 For Social Security, SSDI, SSI, Low Income

Recently, you must see the news flashing on google and you tube about $1,073 + $1,200 + $1,000 + $1,400 Payment For Social Security. But the federal government has denied the news. This news is purely fake and there is no validation about the release of this payment. We have checked all the authentic sources, there is no such news. We advise the people who are eligible for SSDI and SSI checks please don’t trust these kinds of rumors. The federal government does enforce laws and create programs for the wellbeing of the countrymen. The programmes like SSI and SSDI provide cash assistance to the weaker section of the nation.  And the authentic information is always published on the official web portal of the SSA  www.ssa.gov. In future before trusting the fake announcements do check the authentic and official websites. 

$1,073 + $1,200 + $1,000 + $1,400 For Social Security, SSDI, SSI, Low Income

Social Security, SSI, SSDI, Low-income Payment Date 2024

The eligible individuals will receive the payment check according to Social Security, SSI, SSDI, Low-income Payment Date 2024 below mentioned table:

Birthday $1,073 + $1,200 + $1,000 + $1,400 for Social Security, SSDI, SSI, Low Income
Between 1st – 10th of every monthOn 2nd  Wednesday of Every month
Between 11th – 20th of every monthOn 3rd Wednesday of Every month
Between 21st – 31st of every MonthOn 4th Wednesday Of every month

SSI 2024

As per news the SSI beneficiaries will receive their checks as below mentioned dates: 

MonthSocial Security, SSI, SSDI, Low-income Payment Date 2024
January 29th December 2023 
February 1st february 2024
March 1st March 2024
April 1st April 2024
May1st May 2024
June 31st May 2024
July 1st July 2024
August 1st August 2024
September 30th August 2024
October 1st October 2024
November 1st November 2024
December 29th November 2024

Facts Check- $1,073 + $1,200 + $1,000 + $1,400 for Social Security, SSDI, SSI, Low Income

Though there is no confirmation on the $1,073 + $1,200 + $1,000 + $1,400 for Social Security, SSDI, SSI, Low Income. According to the website who are flashing this news the eligible  claimants will receive the amount according to their birthday. And the department will directly transfer the funds in the beneficiaries account or will check the paper paycheck at their valid address.

Social Security, SSDI, SSI, Low Income Benefits 2024

Though this news is fake and recipients will not receive any payments amounting $1,073 + $1,200 + $1,000 + $1,400. Please don’t rely on this kind of news flashing on the internet. But if we talk about Social security which the federal government is giving  is very beneficial for the dependent, retired,low income and disabled Americans. 

  • Every year the amount of social security varies with the inflation and cost of living adjustment.
  • The federal government helps to increase the spending power of the residents
  • The low income individuals can increase their savings or investment
  • It directly helps the economy
  • Supplemental food is provided to the vulnerable population with basic nutritions required to keep them healthy
  • The people can easily do their daily expenses.

Who will receive the $1,073 + $1,200 + $1,000 + $1,400 Checks 2024?

This news is fake, nobody will receive the claimed amount broadcasting. You can check the Social Security, SSDI, SSI, Low Income Eligibility 2024.

SSI Eligibility:

  1. The applicant must be 65 years or older
  2. he/she fall under low income category
  3. Only US citizens are eligible
  4. You must have worked under the social security covered job for at least 10 years
  5. The applicant must have earned 40 work credit points from employment.

SSDI Eligibility:

  1. The one who cannot perform any skill full activity to earn his/her living is eligible for SSDI check
  2. The applicant must furnish the authentic medical record from certified doctor to proof their medical condition 
  3. Claimants must have worked under social security covered job and  need at least 20 work credit points in the last 10 years of employment to apply for SSDI

Track Your Social Security, SSDI, SSI, Low Income Payment Status 2024

The $1,073 + $1,200 + $1,000 + $1,400 by Social Security Administration is a rumor, we don’t confirm this news and this amount will not come. But according to the fake news flashers you can track your financial assistance by following below mentioned steps: 

  • Open the official web link of SSA www.ssa.gov
  • Sign in your  SS account with valid ID and Password
  • Click and open Social Security, SSDI, SSI, Low Income
  • On the new page your payment status will be shown.
  • And also the statement of your all credits.

FAQs $1,073 + $1,200 + $1,000 + $1,400 for Social Security, SSDI, SSI, Low Income

When will the eligible claimants receive their $1,073 + $1,200 + $1,000 + $1,400 checks?

This is not confirmed news, it’s just a rumor nobody will receive this amount. Please do not trust the unauthentic websites.

Where to check the confirmation of the $1,073 + $1,200 + $1,000 + $1,400 for Social Security, SSDI, SSI, Low Income?

 You can check your check details and the previous statement on the official website of SSA www.ssa.gov

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