$5,150 FFCU 2024 – First Financial Credit Union Eligibility & Check How To Claim?

The First Financial Union has announced to settle the claims for the fraud registered in 2022. The FFCU failed to safeguard the customers personal information. The first financial credit union announces to settle the claims of the cases registered from 17th January to 6th february 2022. The complaints  were filed against the organization by the general public questioning their data security system. Because of their negligence the hackers were able to retrieve the personal sensitive  information of the citizens. Numerous cases have been registered against the department. Now the FFCU agreed to settle fraud amounting to 1.6 million. The complainant has to register for the claim before the 2nd May 2024. The maximum claim settlement amount is $5,150. For further updates you can also check the official website https://ffcusettlement.com.

$5,150 From First Financial Credit Union 2024

The First Financial Credit Union of USA is a financial institution providing facilities like services related to saving bank accounts, loans and other financial services. But due to the safety oversight the members of the FFCU suffered losses. The organization failed to secure the personal information of the members and hackers hacked the accounts and transferred the money. Now First Financial Credit Union is ready to resolve the claims filed between 17th January to 6th February 2024. To receive the settlement amount you need to apply for the claim before the 2nd of may 2024. Depending upon the fraud and nature of breach of data the claim amount will vary. The maximum amount claimant can get is $5,150 From First Financial Credit Union 2024 or if you don’t want this amount and continue to sue the FFCU then you need to notify by 2nd April 2024. Even the claimant has the option who does not want the two years free credit monitoring the monthly pay back you can ask for the one-time payment against the losses suffered due to breach of data. But you need to notify the exclusion to the company by 2nd April 2024.

$5,150 from First Financial Credit Union 2024

Overview- $5,150 From First Financial Credit Union 2024

Detail about $5,150 from First Financial Credit Union 2024
Name of the SuitBriscoe V. First Financial Credit
Administered By FFCU Data Incident Claims Administrator
Plaintiff Briscoe
Defendant First Financial Credit
Settlement Amount$5,150
Last date to agree for reimbursement 2nd May 2024
Final hearing on25th April 2024
Website ffcusettlement.com

Who Is Eligible To Claim $5,150 From First Financial Credit Union 2024

Only the eligible plaintiffs will get the reimbursement $5,150 from First Financial Credit Union 2024. Do check the eligibility conditions before applying for the claim:

  1. You must be the citizen of USA
  2. The claimant must be a member or ex member of FFCU.
  3. You must have to documents to proof your membership
  4. The fraud or breach of data complaint must be filled between 17th January 2022 to 6th February 2022.
  5. The application for reimbursement must be submitted before 2nd May 2024.

Exclusion From Claim $5,150 ffcusettlement.com First Financial Credit Union

The plaintiff have the right to exclude from the case:-

Briscoe V. First Financial Credit if they are not satisfied with the settlement amount. They need to send a letter to the FFCU Data Incident Claims Administrator stating your opinion to exclude you from reimbursement before 2nd April 2024. You can send an email or can post the letter to the FFCU office with your valid signature. 

Claim Settlement – First Financial Credit Union 2024

The settlement amount varies with the extent of breach of data. Due to lack of security the members of FFCU faced losses. Their personal data of the members was used by unauthorized people to commit crime. The department agreed to settle the 1.6 million fraud accrued due to their negligence. 

  • The company agreed to pay for  2 years of credit monitoring services and identify theft insurance services
  • They will pay $150 to selective people with ordinary breach of data. 
  • This includes bank fees, credit cost and other miscellaneous expenses.
  • The claimant can also get lost of time at the rate of  $25 per hour for four and a half hours. 
  •  And in the case of extraordinary loss suffered due to leak of identification documents or other documents, the company will pay $5000 to the plaintiff.

How To Claim $5,150 From First Financial Credit Union 2024

You can claim the reimbursement by following simple steps:

  1. Login the official website FFCU https://ffcusettlement.com/
  2. On the homepage search for the option $5,150 from First Financial Credit Union 2024
  3. Fill the claim settlement form with all the valid details
  4. Attach the essential documents 
  5. Then click on submit 
  6. Note : your application must be submitted by 2nd May 2024.

Documents Required For Claim $5,150 From First Financial Credit Union 2024 

  • 1.Bank Statements
  • 2.Proof of Purchase
  • 3. Bills 
  • 4. Invoices 
  • 5. Credit reports
  • 6. IRS letter
  • 7. Fraudulent Tax documents.
  • 8. Address Proof
  • 9. Valid Signature

FAQs on $5,150 from First Financial Credit Union 2024

What is the deadline to apply for the claim of $5,150 ffcusettlement.com First Financial Credit Union?

The complainant must agree with the reimbursement conditions by 2nd May 2024 to receive the settlement. 

What documents are required to prove fraudulent purchase?

The claimant must show the Bank Statements,Bills Invoices, Credit reports, IRS letter, Fraudulent Tax documents to prove the fraud.

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