Social Security Number Change 2024 – Check Cost & How To Process?

The Social Security Number is a unique identification number which is allotted to every citizen and non citizen of the USA. The SSN consists  of nine digit unique numbers. The main and the primary purpose of the SSN is to track the social security benefits of an individual. The Social Security Administration regulates the allotment of SSN. Now it’s good news for the holders that you can do Social Security Number Change 2024 by following the proper procedure but you need to have a valid reason behind it. You need to apply for change with documented reason and SSA will review the application. After the satisfaction of the reason the SSA will submit the application form. An individual can apply for a new SSN incase of theft, identical numbers allotted, threat or name change. To apply for the new SSN check the valid reasons and visit the official website of SSA.

Social Security Number Change 2024

The Social Security Number is used for a variety of purposes like for employment, taxation, government benefits and bank transactions. It is the most  important document in America. The SS number is a nine digit unique identification number that can be allotted at the time of birth. But due to the rise in the crime rate, with the SSN number hackers can fraudulently hack all your bank accounts and take out the money. So for the security purpose the SSA thought to give leverage in some cases to apply for Social Security Number Change 2024. You can request for SSN change if you lose your number or threat of life,  domestic violence or you change your name then you are eligible to apply for a new SSN. The SSA  is the authority to accept or reject your application for a new SSN. You need to follow the adequate process to request for Social security number change 2024.

Social Security Number Change 2024

Condition When You Are Eligible To Change Your Social Security Number

The Social Security Administration has laid down the scenarios in which you can apply for new SSN:

  1. Same SSN assigned to two or more people
  2. Sequential number assigned in family member
  3. In case of Divorce or Marriage
  4. You have life threat
  5. Or you have lost the card or your card is stolen
  6.  Or in case you have changed your name

These are the valid reasons to get approve your Social Security Number Change Application 2024

Cost Of Social Security Number Change 2024

As such there is no fee applicable to change the SSN. but the expense incurred on Social security number change varies on the condition. If it is just a replacement of the card then you need to complete an online form but if there is any technical reason behind the change so the expenditure will be on collecting legal documents etc..  

Process For Request Of Replacement Of Social Security Number 2024

If you want the replacement of the card in case on lost or stolen, and without any changes then you just need to follow the simple steps:

  1. Login the official web portal of SSA
  2. Click on Social Security Number Change 2024
  3. Then fill the online replacement form
  4. Mention all the correct information
  5. Attach the identity proof
  6. Then submit the request.

Request for New Social Security Number With Different Name

If you have changed your name then you need to fill the SS-5 application form for the name change in the SSN. 

  1. Either download or fill the form online by visiting official website of SSA
  2. Attach all the supporting documents
  3. If you are submitting the form offline then sent the form via mail or
  4. You can get the submission done in person at the nearest SSA office
  5. And if submitting online then upload all the required documents
  6. Click on the submit option.

Documents Required For Social security Number Change 2024

  • Police report in case of lost or card is stolen
  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Citizenship proof
  • Valid Driving license
  • Name change proofs
  • Police Complaint against threat or violence

Steps To Follow After The Change Of SSN

After you get the new Social Security number don’t forget to update the new number 

  • With your Employer
  • In your bank account
  • At IRS
  • At your school
  • With your Medicaid or Medicare
  • Insurance
  • In your medical records 

FAQs on Social Security Number Change 2024

Is there any fee applicable to change the SSN 2024?

no , you can change your SSN free of cost but you must have valid reason to request for the change.

What are the valid circumstances when you can request for a Social security number change 2024 ?

SSA has stated some valid reasons to apply for a new SSN. in case or loss of card, thread , fraud, marriage, divorce, name change.

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