$6000 Rent/Mortgage Help 2024- Know Eligibility & Payment Dates ( Fact Check)

If you have a valid and unique Social Security Number (SSN) you might be eligible for the new stimulus payment everyone is talking about. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has not released any official confirmation regarding this new $6000 Rent/Mortgage Help June 2024 but it is just great news if there is even some chance of this happening.

The average American faces a lot of financial issues due to the high costs of almost everything in the States today. And now along with the already high costs, the inflation still continues to rise. With such high rates everywhere, it is becoming increasingly difficult to buy or rent a decent place to stay in. Hence, if the federal government actually does end up giving out $6000 as rent/mortgage help it will be immensely beneficial for all. You should check $6000 Rent/Mortgage Help Eligibility 2024 to see whether you can claim the payments or not if it is approved.

It is crucial for everyone to know that various financial news portals have been claiming that the $6000 payments will be disbursed in 2024. However, no official confirmation has been received regarding the same from the federal government yet. And it is even possible that the $6000 stimulus payment program is not implemented at all. So, kindly do not rely on the news websites solely and wait for official notification.

$6000 Rent/Mortgage Help 2024- Know Eligibility & Payment Dates ( Fact Check)

$6000 Rent/Mortgage Help June 2024

The government of the United States of America tries it’s best to help the people financially whenever they can. They have launched a number of initiatives for the upliftment of the economically weak and vulnerable sections of the society. According to various sources, one such initiative is the $6000 Rent/Mortgage Help June 2024 for rent/mortgage help to the eligible public. Such an initiative if implemented properly can help numerous Americans afford housing and establish a better standard of living for themselves in the country. However, the claim is wrong and no such payment is announced by the US Government or Internal Revenue Service.

$6000 Mortgage Assistance Payment 2024 : Approved Or Not?

Program Name$6000 Rent/Mortgage Help Monthly Payment 2024
Managed byInternal Revenue Service (IRS)
CountryUnited States of America 
Government American Federal Government 
Amount of Benefit$6000
Beneficiaries Eligible USA citizens/residents
Frequency Per Month 
$6000 Mortgage Assistance Payment 2024 : Approved Or Not?Approved
Mode of Payment Direct Deposits 
Category Finance
Official Websiteshttps://www.irs.gov and https://www.usa.gov

$6000 Rent/Mortgage Help Fact Check 2024

  • The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has not confirmed whether they will be providing the $6000 direct deposits for rent/mortgage help in June 2024. And it is only rumored that such a payment will be released. 
  • The usual payments that the beneficiaries are already getting will not be affected in any way by these extra stimulus payments as per the current information provided by the government.


Currently it is not possible for anyone to claim that the payments will be disbursed on so and so dates in June and what the amount will be. It is only rumored that the amount is $6000 which might be disbursed in June 2024. We advise all the readers to visit usa.gov or irs.gov for correct information regarding all the financial programs.

$6000 Rent/Mortgage Help Eligibility 2024

The $6000 will be sent by bank transfer to those who are deemed eligible by the designated authorities if the $6000 per month rent/mortgage help program comes to fruition. This benefit can provide financial assistance to those Americans who are struggling everyday to find housing and still can’t settle anywhere because of the high costs of rent. But they must know if they are eligible according to $6000 Rent/Mortgage Help Eligibility 2024 which is given as follows.

  • Age Requirements 

The beneficiaries must be at least 65 years old. It is important for the ones applying to know that they have to meet a certain age criteria. The senior citizens are a part of the vulnerable sections of the society. Hence, it is important for them to be supported. However, If you are of the age that is less than 65 then you must check the official website for any exceptions and see if you might be eligible under some circumstance which is possible for some cases.

  • Valid SSN

The candidates should have a valid and unique Social Security Number. SSN is provided by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Hence, anyone who’s interested must contact them in order to get it if they already don’t have one.

  • Income Threshold 

Your annual gross income should be less than the limit specified by the federal government. This threshold can vary according to the state you are from and other relevant criteria which you can find out by contacting your local public housing agency. You can find details related to your local public housing agency by visiting usa.gov and clicking on the option of ‘find your local public housing agency’.

  • Disability 

You can be eligible for the housing direct deposits if you qualify as a disabled person according to the list provided by the federal government. If you are a senior but not disabled or if you are from a low income background and earn less than the income limit set by the government (to become eligible for such rental assistance programs) you can still be deemed qualified to apply for such programs.

$6000 Rent/Mortgage Help Payment Dates 2024

The $6000 Rent/Mortgage Help Payment Dates 2024 are not released yet. We have all been waiting for the payment schedule so we can know when to expect the direct deposits but there is no information regarding the same available anywhere. It always helps to know when you are going to receive the payments for a program you applied to, but all we can do now is wait for the government to share the awaited schedule and address the questions of the public related to the talk of the town i.e the $6009 rent/mortgage help being provided by Biden in 2024.

Claim $6000 Rent/Mortgage Help June 2024

If such a payment will be made in the future. The beneficiaries must know how to Claim $6000 Rent/Mortgage Help June 2024. Following are the steps one must abide by to claim the direct deposits:

  • Go to the official website of the US government which is usa.gov.
  • If an application is released regarding the $6000 direct deposits then fill it (as of now no such application is released).
  • Attach all the necessary documents.
  • Submit the final application.

If the application is approved you will receive the $6000 amount directly in your bank account in online mode only. For more information related to the ongoing schemes and rumored ones contact your local public housing agency as they might have knowledge about that and keep checking the official website for updates.

FAQs On $6000 Rent/Mortgage Help 2024

When can we know for sure that the payments will be released?

There is no information related to this. Keep checking the official sites for any updates.

Which government sites can visit for checking the latest updates regarding the new programs and schemes that they launch?

You can go to www.usa.gov for finding out details about what the government is up to. They keep posting regular notifications about the programs and schemes that they are launching over there.

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