Canada Military Benefits 2024 – Check Medical, Travel, Dental & Education Benefits

The Canadian government is providing various benefits to the personnel who are serving in the military for any post. The Canada Military Benefits which are provided by the Canadian Army to all the soldiers are dental benefit, medical benefit, education and leave benefit, disability benefit, relocation or temporary duty benefits are the allowances which will be provided by the government after the death of a CAF member. In this article we will briefly discuss all Canada Military Benefits and all the necessary information which is important to know about all the soldiers who are serving in the Canadian Military or want to serve in the Canadian Military. 

Canada Military Benefits

For the encouragement of CAF members the National Defence Agency and Canadian government has jointly released a various number of Canada Military Benefits. These benefits are separate from the salaries provided to the army personnel’s. The veterans with disability are provided with disability benefits other than their salary or pension. Medicare and dental care allowances are provided to them on annual basis or at the time of requirement. The amount of the benefits along with the list of leaves for the Canada Military Personnel are provided below for your reference. Military Medical Benefits 2024

Under the spectrum the medical and dental benefits are provided by the NDA & Canada Government to all the members of CAF. The CAF provides comprehensive health care benefits to all the members of CAF comparable to that guarantee to all the canadian citizens under the canadian health act. On the behalf of DND and CAF It is the responsibility of commanders to ensure that all the CAF members and eligible members are taking the benefits of all health services and their all health requirements are fulfilled.

Canada Military Benefits 2024

Eligibility for Medical and Dental Benefits: 

  • All the regular CAF members are covered under the spectrum of care from the date on which they have enrolled to the date on which they will be released from the CAF. 
  • The eligibility of all the personnel of reserved force are covered on the basis of their duty status and related to their illness or injury during the specified periods of military service.
  • Foreign military exchange personnels and their dependents. Visiting military force, civilian food handlers and CAF recruit applicants etc are some examples of others persons who may be authorized for specific periods of time or service needed from time to time.

Coverage of Medical and Dental Benefits:

  1. Below given members will be eligible to get comprehensive coverage either they are serving in canada or outside canada 
  • Physician services or hospitalization 
  • Supplemental health benefits including health practitioners and drugs benefits 
  • Occupational Health Services 
  • Dental Services 
  1. For care and Services provided by or authorized by CPF All the members of CAF and other eligible persons will be excluded from any deductible fees or co payments for care except where otherwise specified.
  2. All the members of CAF and other eligible person will be eligible to get the emergency health services from the nearest appropriate military or civilian treatment facility
  3. CAF members and other eligible persons will be responsible for all the cost which is related to non authorized health care services or for all the services received from the sources other than those designated and authorized by the senior health services authority. The payment will not be made for the therapies or treatments if they are deemed to be:
  • If they are not scientifically proven or founded 
  • Not medically beneficial
  • Provided solely for cosmetic purpose
  • Controversial 

Reconsideration about the cost of recovery for fees that occur due to missed appointments.

CAF Death Benefits 2024

The CAF will provide the death benefits including reimbursement and claims for the family spouses of deceased members of CAF. 

  1. Unused leave entitlement: If a officer or non commissioned member of regular force who belongs to class B or C reserve service dies or assumed to be died has unused earned leaves the payment for that leaves which will be equal of the earned leaves will be given by the CAF to the nominee or the person who has right to get the amount on the behalf of that person. 
  2. Supplementary Death Benefit—Canadian Armed Forces pensions: SDB is a form of term reducing life insurance. Below given persons can take benefits of this plan: 
  • A person who has enrolled their name as regular force member before 1st March, 2007.
  • Joined as regular force member on or after 1st march 2007.
  • Class C service member of the reserve Force 
  • An active member who contributes to the SDB plan.
  1. Next of kin travel for a deceased military member: In the event of death of a Canadian armed force member the expenses of the living and travel to attend the funeral function by the identified next to kin members will be reimbursed by the CAF. the burial and funeral function are: 
  • A military Repatriation Ceremony 
  • A military funeral for the deceased
  • A military memorial services 
  • Meeting of BOI into the condition of the death 

Number of member Next of kin who are eligible to get reimbursement 

  • 14 for a military repatriation ceremony
  • 14 for a military funeral
  • 14 for an interment
  • 6 for military memorial service
  • 2 for meetings of a board of inquiry 
  1. Survivor benefits: this benefit is for the members of dead CAF members and their children who are eligible to get the pension under survivor benefits. All the children of CAF members who died during the work are eligible to get the benefit if they are below then 18 years. 
  2. Death gratuity for Reservists: The Death gratuity will be given when a member of the reserve force is dead or assumed to be dead or missing. All the Reserve Force Members who are not eligible to take the benefit of SDB may be eligible for the Death Gratuity. Military Benefits For illness / Injured

This benefit will be given by the CAF to the person or family of that person during illness or injury.

  1. Vehicle modifications benefit: The benefit will be given to reimburse the payment due to modify a total one personal vehicle due to illness or injured member to allow the member to drive or be a passenger. 
  2. Next of kin travel benefit: the travel expenses of the family member who travel near to you during the illness and injury will be reimbursed by the CAF.
  3. Home modifications move benefit: If your home is renovating at the time of injury or illness the cost of temporary move will be reimbursed.
  4. Home assistance benefit: Housekeeping or ground maintenance service cost will be reimbursed during the illness or injury. 
  5. Home modifications benefit: A modification cost of home accrue due to illness or injury will be reimbursed by the CAF.
  6. Loss of operational allowance: The CAF will provide financial support to the family member who is unable to serve on a special duty area or operation due to illness or injury. 
  7. Caregiver assistance benefit: you will get reimbursement for child care and caregiver assistance expenses. 
  8. Reserve Force compensation: the compensation will be continued after the termination of service if the illness or injury continues after the service. 

CAF Relocation, Travel, and Accommodation Benefits 2024

The CAF member will be eligible to get these reimbursement benefits if they relocate for temporary duty, travel, accommodation, relocation in the CAF. 

  1. Travel and transportation benefits: 
  2. Temporary duty
  3. Relocation benefits
  4. Relocation benefits for untrained members
  5. Foreign Services
  6. Seamless Canada

Canada Military Children Education Benefits 2024

  1. About Children’s Education Management (CEM): The CAF members’ education needs are always supported by CEM. The CEM will provide the support to all the CAF family members inside or outside of Canada . 
  2. Contact Children’s Education Management
  3. CAF overseas schools teaching jobs
  4. Educational forms

List Of Leaves For Canada Military Personnel

Serial Number Type of Leave 
1Amendments to leave 
2Annual Leave Transactions
3Cancellation Of Leave 
4Cash Out of Leave 
5Compassionate Leave 
6Expenditures Against Accumulated and Accrued Leave 
7Leave Forfeiture 
8Leave Without Pay and Allowances
9Maternity Leave 
10Parental Leave 
11Period of Limitation of payments 
12Rehabilitation Leave 
13Short Leave 
14Sick Leave 
15Special Leave (All Applications)

FAQs On Canada Military Benefits

How many years do you have to serve in the Canadian Military?

You have to serve three to nine years in the Canadian Military.

What are the benefits to join the Canadian Military?

Dental benefit, medical benefit, education and leave benefit, disability benefit, relocation or temporary duty benefits are the benefits to join the Canadian Military.

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