Child Benefit Eligibility Changes 2024 – $1,106 Amount & Payment Dates

According to the year 2024 – 2025 people of Canada will see some relevant changes in the eligibility criteria for Canada Child benefit program. The Child Benefit Eligibility Changes 2024 depict that parents who fall under this program will not have to repay the benefit they earn above the threshold income. Families who have an annual income of $70,000 and above will get to keep $1,106 with themselves otherwise they would have to repay the same amount as taxes. Similarly, the families with annual income $75,000 will get to save $553 under the new terms and conditions made for the CCB Eligibility 2024. These changes are applicable for the upcoming payments of the year 2024 for people who have paid their taxes for the year 2022-2023. This new change in the CCB 2024 clearly means that people who earn up to $60,000 will no longer have to sacrifice their child care benefits amount. These changes are made in favor of the half a million population of Canada who are low on income and wait for their benefits so as to manage their monthly child care benefits. This program is designed by the government of Canada to encourage a better upbringing for the children of Canada. 

Child Benefit Eligibility Changes 2024

Child Benefit Eligibility Changes 2024

The new changes in the CCB 2024 also state that there will be a significant increase in the new payment amounts for CCB 2024. According to latest reports and speculations there can be an increase of 6.3% in the new CCB amount for the year 2024. This means that families raising a child will receive more benefits than the previous year according to Child Benefit Eligibility Changes 2024. The new payment dates for CBB 2024 are not yet specific yet they are speculated to be released for all its beneficiaries on 19th of July 2024. The CCB monthly payment amounts are available to families who have children under the age of 18. The maximum amount of payments are received by families whose children are still under 6 years of age. Rest of the payment amounts are dependent upon the number of children in a family and also their annual income.

The Canada Child benefit program is an important support for people who need financial assistance for having low income and more expenses. The new CCB changes about the taxes, payment dates and increase in amount will help people lift up their current situations and manage the cost of raising their children at a better value.

Canada Child Benefit Payment 2024

ProgramCanada Child Benefit Payment 2024
GovernmentGovernment of Canada
Name of programCanada Child Benefits 2024
AuthorityCanada Revenue Agency
Year 2024
Eligible CitizensCitizens of Canada
Eligibility CriteriaFamilies with children under the 18
Payment dates 202419 July 2024
Eligible annual income$36,502
Official  Website

Who Is Eligible For Canada Child Benefits 2024

All existing beneficiaries of the Canada Child benefit will get to see the new changes in their monthly payments provided by the CRA. Everyone who is new for the CCB 2024 needs to know if they are eligible under this program or not. The CCB Eligibility 2024 are as follows 

  • The families should be legal citizens of Canada and they should have a valid Social Insurance number.
  • The child should be under 18 and under 25 if they are pursuing full time studies.
  • The annual income of the applicant’s family has to be less than $36,502 overall the entire family.
  • For a couple who is divorced the CCB will be given to the parent who keeps the custody of the child 60% of the time.

Canada Child Benefits Payment Amount 2024 

The amount of payment depends upon various factors involved in the terms and conditions stated by the CRA. The maximum amount of benefits goes for children who are under the age of 6. 

Age of Children Canada Child Benefits Payment Amount 2024 
1 to 6 years old$619.75
6 to 18 years old $489.75

Claim Canada Child Benefit 2024

Visit the official website of the CRA and follow these steps to Claim Canada Child Benefit 2024.

  • Visit 
  • Sign into your MSCA using your login credentials.
  • Locate the CCB form and start filling it.
  • Always be sure that you attached all the required documents required to complete the process of verification.
  • Submit your application form attached with all your necessary documents.
  • Wait till the CRA approves your application and confirms it via Email.

Child Benefit Eligibility Changes 2024 – Disclaimer 

This article is based on the new changes structured for the CCB 2024. There are significant announcements made by the official authorities yet, we are checking upon all the new rumors and speculations made about the new changes that could be possibly seen with the CCB benefits. This article does not say that these changes are valid and confirmed. Moreover, we do not claim that these changes are official and we do not promote any such schemes of the government.

All viewers are requested to take advice from professionals before they start filling their application forms for the CCB program. Always visit the official website and confirm all latest updates and changes from there. Official confirmation is necessary at all costs.

FAQS On CCB Eligibility Changes 2024

What is CCB?

The Canada Child benefit program 2024 is a scheme under which the government of Canada provides monthly assistance to families whose children are under the age of 18.

When will the payments for CBB 2024 come out?

The upcoming payments will be distributed in the month of July 2024.

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