IRS CTC Monthly Payments 2024 Schedule – Check Payment Dates & Eligibility

Internal Revenue Service Child Tax Credit is a federal program that aims to offer financial help to qualifying families with children. It is a tax credit that is refundable and lowers your tax liability or gives you a refund. While it doesn’t ensure total financial security, it does offer a tax advantage to assist the children with their escalating expenses. In this article, you will read about the payment dates in 2024, IRS CTC Monthly Payment Eligibility 2024. You can visit the official website of the IRS at to get updated information about the IRS CTC Monthly Payments 2024.

IRS CTC Monthly Payments 2024

The CTC is a refundable tax credit which is paid to those candidates who have filed their taxes for the previous years. The beneficiaries tend to receive the refunded amount if the credit amount is higher than the tax liability. The qualifying families can expect the payment amounts on the 15th of each month, however, it is advised to look for IRS CTC Monthly Payment Date 2024. IRS CTC stands apart in providing financial stability and security for eligible children and their families. Your child’s age determines how much you earn in IRS CTC Monthly Payments. Families with children younger than six are expected to receive $300 a month and those who are aged between 6 to 17 are expected to receive $250 monthly. Any updated information regarding eligibility or payment dates of the IRS CTC Monthly Payments 2024 can be viewed via 

IRS CTC Monthly Payments 2024

Who Is Eligible To Get IRS CTC Monthly Payments?

The monthly payments disbursed by the Internal Revenue Service will be provided to those families who satisfies the given points to be Eligible To Receive IRS CTC Monthly Payments in 2024.

  • You have filed either 2023 or 2024 federal income tax returns.
  • The dependent must be between 6 to 17 years.
  • The dependent must be your foster child, stepchild, half-brother/ sister or legally recognised child.
  • The person must have lived with their dependent for not less than 6 months.
  • The applicant must have an SSN.


Title IRS CTC Monthly Payments 2024 
Governing BodyUS Government
BeneficiariesAmerican citizens
Applicable inThe United States of America
IRS CTC Monthly Payment Date 2024July 2024

What Are The Payment Dates For IRS CTC Payments in 2024?

  • The Internal Revenue Service disburse its payments on the 15th of every month. The eligible families can track their payments through the Child Tax Credit portal on the official website at 
  • IRS says that the CTC payment for children below 6 years will receive $300 per month and children between 6 to 17 years will get $250 per month.

The payment scheduled for 2024 are as:

IRS CTC Monthly Payment Date 2024Days
15th June 2024Saturday
15th July 2024Monday
13th August 2024Tuesday
15th September 2024Friday
15th October 2024Tuesday
15th November 2024Friday
15th December 2024Sunday

How Can You Apply For IRS CTC Payments in 2024?

Once the candidates have qualified the IRS CTC Monthly Payment Eligibility 2024, then they can apply to receive the benefits for their dependent child by the steps given below. The payments are dispersed to beneficiaries on the 15th of each month but it is advised to view the IRS CTC Payment Schedule. 2024.

Follow these steps and apply: 

  1. Open the IRS official portal at
  2. The dashboard will appear with the option ‘Sign in to your account.’
  3. Form your account by filling in your initials.
  4. Proof your IRS CTC Monthly Payment Eligibility 2024 by submitting the required documents.
  5. Go through the form and rectify any mistakes.
  6. Lastly, submit the form and wait for your form to be viewed.

IRS CTC Monthly Payments 2024: Fact Check

Fact Check: Untrue

Claim: IRS CTC Monthly Payment 2024

  • As per the rumours, it is expected that the Internal Revenue Service is expected to provide $300 to children of less than 6 years per month and $250 for children between 6 to 17 years per month.
  • The claim is untrue because it is based on the 2021 American Rescue Plan which provided direct payments through direct deposits from July 2021 to December 2021.
  • The difference between the claim of 2021 and 2024 claims is that the money was sent to the parents instead of the child.
  • IRS’s official website has also not updated about any such claim, therefore, this claim is not true.

FAQs on IRS CTC Monthly Payments 2024 

Is it true that IRS CTC will provide $300 and $250 to eligible children in 2024?

No, this statement is not true as there is no updated information regarding the same by the IRS.

What is the IRS CTC Monthly Payment Date 2024?

Families can expect their payments to arrive on 15th July 2024.

What is the official link to the IRS’s website?

For any queries, the candidates can visit the website at

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