IRS Tax Credit Schedule 2024: From June & Dec Tax Credit Dates Check

There are various taxes which are to be paid by the wage earners and the self employed citizens living in the United States of America. The federal government of the United States, along with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), is furnishing tax returns to eligible low-income citizens across the nation which are paid according to IRS Tax Credit Schedule 2024. Child Tax Credit(CTC) is one of the federal tax benefit which is provided as extra financial support to all the taxpayers of the country who have children living with them. In the current year 2024, there is no official news about it as per our fact check and research. 

All the officials are still discussing a few details about it but have not concluded their discussions as of now. As a result, the tax break remained unaltered as taxpayers hurried to file their tax returns before the April 15 cutoff date. Individuals who had children under the age of 17 were qualified to request a maximum of $2,000 for each eligible dependent, with the possibility of receiving a refundable amount of up to $1,600 after qualifying through IRS Tax Credit Eligibility 2024. The officials of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) keeps on uploading the details about the Child Tax Credits (CTC) on their official online portal 

IRS Tax Credit Schedule 2024: Tax Credit Dates from June-December

IRS Tax Credit Schedule 2024

Individuals globally are actively working to sustain their livelihoods while diligently fulfilling their tax obligations to both the United States federal government and the Internal Revenue Service consistently. It is necessary for everyone to pay the tax returns but the taxpayers of the United States of America who have children living with them are provided with the tax returns on a regular basis. The Child Tax Credit (CTC) ranks as one of the most significant tax refunds provided by the federal government.

As per our fact checks, the officers of the IRS have been discussing the disbursement of these tax credits.  The children living in the United States of America, mainly those children who are living below the age of 17 years will be considered as eligible and their parents will be able to collect their Child Tax Credit (CTC) on a regular basis as per IRS Tax Credit Schedule 2024. The Officers of the Internal Revenue Service keeps on uploading the details about the tax credit, eligibility, payment dates and several other details on their official online portal at 

What Is Meant By Child Tax Credit In 2024

The existing child tax credit is a tax credit that cannot be refunded, created for taxpayers who have dependent children under the age of 17. This credit has the ability to reduce your tax obligation directly. Additionally, some taxpayers might qualify for a partial reimbursement of the credit through the “additional child tax credit.” To be eligible, both the taxpayers and their children must satisfy specific requirements, such as the child’s age and their connection to the person claiming them. Taxpayers must also adhere to certain income regulations, as the credit gradually decreases for higher income earners. If your adjusted gross income after modifications exceeds the threshold for your filing status, the credit you are entitled to may be decreased or you may be disqualified.

IRS Tax Credit Payment 2024

ProgramIRS Tax Credit Payment 2024
Organization Name Internal Revenue Service 
Tax Credit NameChild Tax Credit 
Next Pay Dates 15 July 2024
Age Limit17 Years 
Post TypeFinance
IRS Website 

The Refund dates mentioned in this post are tentative and may change as per the Government norms. They also depend upon the date on which you pay taxes. Moreover, your Income Limit and other things are also verified before issuing it.

IRS Tax Credit Eligibility 2024

Taxpayers can avail the child tax credit once they have successfully filed their annual tax returns. To be eligible, both the taxpayer and the dependent child need to satisfy seven distinct criteria: age, relationship, dependency status, residency, financial support, citizenship, and income. Kindly check the IRS Tax Credit Eligibility 2024 in the following points.

  • The child’s age must be under 17 years.
  • The CTC can be claimed on the behalf of your son, daughter, brother, sister, stepchild, foster child, half brother, half sister, grandchild, nephew or niece.
  • You are eligible to receive the benefit only if your child relies on you financially.
  • The child who is eligible for the benefits must be a lawful resident of the United States of America.

IRS Tax Credit Payment Schedule 2024

The IRS is providing CTC benefits on every 15th day of the month throughout the year. In case payment Date on holiday the federal payment of the United States and the IRS will be providing these payments. One day before these payments will be issued. As per the IRS Tax Credit Payment Schedule 2024, we have provided a table below upon which payments may be disbursed by the IRS.

MonthsIRS Tax Credit Payment Schedule 2024
June14th June 2024
July15 July 2024
August15 August 2024
September15 September 2024
October 15 October 2024
November 15 November 2024
December 15 December 2024

IRS Tax Credit Schedule 2024 Facts & Updates 

The bipartisan Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act of 2024, which focuses on adjusting the child tax credit, received approval from the U.S. House of Representatives on January 31st. However, it has faced delays at the Senate level for several months, leaving the future of the bill uncertain at this time. If the bill is approved in its present state, it will offer short-term extensions of substantial advantages to low-income households and individuals who frequently do not fully reap the rewards of this tax credit. The above mentioned Tax Credit Schedule is for reference and does not imply the original dates which may change as per your Tax Filing and Income.

In the preceding tax filing period, a cap of $1,600 per dependent was set for the child tax credit refund. However, in the tax years 2024 and 2025, this limit would rise to $1,900 and $2,000 correspondingly. The current $2,000 per qualifying child child tax credit would be modified to account for inflation in the tax years 2024 and 2025. According to Eric Bronnenkant, a CPA and head of tax at Betterment based in New York, this adjustment could result in an annual increase of approximately $100 in the credit.

From this year’s tax returns until 2025, parents and caretakers will have the opportunity to take into account the number of children they have in order to determine the total credit amount they are entitled to. In order to be eligible for the refundable part of the credit, taxpayers must have an income of at least $2,500. For the tax years 2024 and 2025 (taxes filed in 2025 and 2026), taxpayers will be able to choose between using their income from the current year or the previous year to meet this requirement. This provision is especially important for many low-income families who might not qualify otherwise because they earn too little in a specific year.

FAQs On IRS Tax Credit Schedule 2024

What is the CTC?

CTC is basically the Child Tax Credit and it is a federal tax refund available for the parents of those children aged below 17 years.

Where can one find information and updates regarding the Child Tax Credit?

All the details and updates of eligibility for Child Tax Credit can be located on the official online portal of the Internal Revenue Service at 

When will the next tax credits be initiated by the IRS?

The next tax Credits will be released on the 15th of July 2024 as per the payment schedule released by the IRS.

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