OAS Payment $978 Per Month June 2024: Check Who Is Eligible & Payment Schedule

The government of Canada continues with their Old Age Security pension Plan for 2024. This program has been a crucial support for the elder citizens of the society and provides financial aid to support retired people who are citizens of Canada. Now, there are rumors are going on as per which OAS Payment $978 Per Month June 2024 will be provided by CRA. We do not approve this news because official website does not shows the payment. The Canada Revenue Agency funds the Old Age Security pension plan with the help of general tax collected from the salaries of citizens contributing towards the scheme. The government of Canada ensures that all retired citizens of Canada are provided these funds regardless of their previous job and other background when they reach the age of 65. You should check $978 OAS Eligibility 2024 before claiming benefits of the Old Age Security program. The program is regulated by analyzing the effect of inflation on the economical conditions of the country. The Consumer Price Index is also taken into consideration while designing the benefits under this program to ensure a level of stability and prevent any kind of loss while providing these benefits. 

OAS Payment $978 Per Month June 2024 - Know Eligibility & Payment Schedule

OAS Payment $978 Per Month June 2024

The OAS pension plan is managed by the Canada Revenue Agency, and the payments are transferred to all eligible citizens on a monthly basis. The CRA monitors the effects of inflation and the cost of living amidst the fixed salaries of people and provides funds accordingly. Now, several websites are stating that OAS Payment $978 Per Month June 2024 will be issued which is not true and you should not rely on any such statement. The OAS pension plan ensures that all seniors with low income and limited sources of income are able to fulfill their monthly needs for healthcare and nutrition without being able to rely on someone. This program aims to provide financial help and dignity to citizens who suffer with poverty and inflation.

$978 Old Age Security June 2024 : Coming Or Not?

Program$978 Old Age Security June 2024
GovernmentGovernment Of Canada
Eligible citizensLegal citizens of Canada
Estimated Amount $978
Age criteriaOver the age of 65
$978 Old Age Security June 2024 : Coming Or Not?Not Confirmed
Official websitecanada.ca

$978 OAS Eligibility 2024

People who want to qualify for the OAS Payment have to be eligible for a particular set of standards set the Canada Revenue Agency under the government of Canada so that no under deserving candidate takes advantage of the loopholes and try to take away someone else’s rights for the monthly payment. The $978 OAS Eligibility 2024 is as follows:

  • The applicant should be 65 years and above of age.
  • The person applying should be a legal citizen of Canada.
  • The applicant should be a legal resident of Canada for more than ten years of time after the age of 18.
  • If you are a citizen of Canada who is settled abroad then that person should have been a resident of Canada for at least 20 years after the applicant turned 18.
  • If you are settled abroad but you are working under the government of Canada in that case you can also avail the Old Age Security benefit if you return back to Canada within 6 months of your service ending. All you need is a proof of your employment and a proof of you coming back to Canada within 6 months after your service has ended. 

Claim OAS Payment $978 Per Month June 2024

All eligible candidates can easily Claim OAS Payment $978 Per Month June 2024 by following a few simple steps. 

  • The applicants should understand the eligibility criteria and know whether they need to claim this amount or not.
  • People who fall under the eligibility criteria of those candidates can use the My service Canada Account (MSCA) to claim this payment.
  • Simply visit the official website of the CRA and fill your application form by logging into your MSCA account.
  • On submitting your application you will receive a letter from the CRA via mail which consists of the decision regarding your application and request for your further details.
  • For more updates you can sign in to your MSCA and get all updates about your payments.

$978 OAS Payment Dates June 2024

Months$978 OAS Payment Dates June 2024
January29th January 2024
February23rd February 2024
March27th March 2024
April27th April 2024
May28th May 2024
June27th June 2024
July28 July 2024
August29th August 20 24
September26th September 2024
October28th October 2024
November26th November 2024
December21st December 2024

OAS Payment $978 Per Month June 2024 – Disclaimer

This article is published for informational purpose only and does not promote any schemes of the government. All content is based on speculations and statements made by media houses. The writer does not claim to be the original source of information and all the above information can be false and can be changed according to the decision of the federal government. All viewers are requested to seek professional advice before they start filling their application form for the Old Age Pension Plan. All beneficiaries must take all important information regarding the pension plan from the official authorities.

FAQs On OAS Payment $978 Per Month June 2024

Who can apply for the OAS pension plan June 2024?

People with legal citizenship of Canada can apply for the program under certain terms and conditions. 

What is the age required to be eligible for this program?

The citizen should be 65 years and above to apply for this plan.

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