$2600 OAS Per Month In July 2024 – Announced! Check Eligibility, Payment Dates

The Old Age Security (OAS) pension is a disbursement given by the Canadian government to individuals who are 65 years and older on a monthly basis. Various news channels have been claiming that $2600 OAS Per Month Announced and is all set to be disburse in the month of June 2024. However there is no corroboration regarding the same yet.

$2600 OAS Per Month Announced

Disbursement of all the OAS payments is managed by a special government agency known as the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). The Canada Revenue Agency was established back in 1999 and since its induction it has carried out and monitored multiple important schemes & projects. OAS is one such scheme which is monitored by the CRA. It is speculated that a $2600 Old Age Security Payment Date 2024 will be announced out by the Agency in June 2024. But it must be noted that this is merely a speculation (as mentioned earlier) and has not been officially confirmed by the government of Canada.

Program Details
Name of the Program $2600 OAS Per Month Announced
Monitored by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
OAS Payment Amount 2024$2600
Payment ModeOnline
$2600 Old Age Security Payment Date 2024Monthly 
Country Canada 
Category Finance
Official Website www.canada.ca
$2600 OAS Per Month Announced

$2600 Old Age Security Payment Schedule 2024

The expected payment schedule for OAS has been given below. The extra payment might be credited alongside the regular OAS payment directly into your bank accounts on the following dates.

$2600 Old Age Security Payment Date 2024
29 January
27 February
26 March 
26 April 
29 May 
26 June 
29 July 
28 August 
25 September 
29 October
27 November 
20 December 

$2600 OAS Eligibility 2024

The $2600 OAS Eligibility 2024 that the interested candidates must meet in order to become a beneficiary of the above mentioned program has been given in this section.

  • If you live in Canada 

Then your age must be 65 years or more, your income should be below the threshold set by the government, you should be a Canadian citizen or a legal resident and you should have resided in Canada for a minimum of 10 years in order to qualify for OAS 

  • If you live outside Canada 

Then your age must be 65 years or more, your income should be less than the income limit set by the CRA for OAS, you should be a Canadian citizen or a legal resident of Canada on the day you left the country,you should have resided in Canada for a minimum of 20 years and that should have been since you turned 18.

If you live outside of Canada and fit all of the parameters mentioned above you will qualify for OAS (given you are not a part of any such exception that would hinder you from being eligible as mentioned on canada.ca)

How to Claim $2600 OAS Payment 2024

The process to claim your OAS Payment 2024 is very simple. If you haven’t already applied for OAS you should do so as soon as you can. There might be a certain application that you will need to fill for the extra $2600 and that information will be available regarding that on canada.ca and in case you don’t have to fill a specific application for it and you are already an OAS recipient the increase will also be directly deposited into the bank account that you have provided with the CRA. The steps that you need to follow to apply for the regular OAS Payment 2024 are given as follows:

  • Go the official website of the Canadian government 
  • Decide whether you want to apply online or offline 
  • In case you want to apply online you should register or apply through MyService Canada Account (MSCA)
  • If you want to apply offline it is obvious that you will have to do so by filing a paper application. In this case you should take a printout of the  Application for the OAS and the GIS (ISP-3550) form and complete it by attaching all the necessary documents. Once it is complete you should mail your application or go to the nearest Services Canada office.

Soon enough you will receive a response from CRA through a letter which will state the decision on your application. This decision letter will include the OAS Payment Amount 2024 you will receive every month, the date of your first disbursement and other similar relevant information.

OAS $2600/ Month 2024- Fact Check

  • The maximum OAS payment that the beneficiaries can receive per month is $713.34 given that their annual net world income is less than $134,626 and their age range is 65-74. (65 and 74 included)
  • Taxes will be charged on your Old Age Pension payments. Taxes aren’t automatically deducted every month so must contact the Services Canada regarding this or you may have to pay your Income tax per quarter.


No confirmation regarding a $2600 OAS Per Month Announced has been received yet and it is merely a rumour that such disbursement will be made. The data mentioned in this article has been taken strictly from government websites but there is always a chance of some error being there and because of that you must verify all the information provided from canada.ca

FAQs On $2600 OAS Per Month Announced

I applied for OAS recently. When can I expect to receive my first OAS payment?

It is likely that you will receive your first OAS payment the month after your 65th birthday or on the particular date that was chosen by you previously.

Will I receive a higher OAS Payment Amount 2024 if I delay receiving my payment?

It is likely that you will get a higher OAS Payment Amount 2024, if you delay claiming your amount. Hence, the more you delay the larger your OAS deposits will be.

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