Social Security Medicare Plan 2024 – Check Eligibility, How To Claim

The government of the USA enacted the Medicare Policy to support the elderly without medical insurance. An individual who is 65 years or older is eligible for the medicare plan part A and B. To be eligible for Medicare Plan Part A and B the person has to stay in the USA for consecutive 5 years. The Social Security Medicare Plan 2024 is divided into 4 parts. The one who attains the age of 65 years and eligible for the Social Security will be automatically qualified for Medicare Plan Part A and B for other parts C and D you have to pay the premiums. To claim the medicare policy an individual must have worked for at least 10 years covered under social security.The medicare policy is federally funded by the American Government.The medicare policy is uploaded on the official website so you can check the details for more clarity.

Social Security Medicare Plan 2024

Earlier In the American Medicare policy only part A and B were included but after the pandemic the federal government included part C and D as optional for the citizens. The medicare plan is funded by the government. Later the medicaid is also included by the government. The medicaid is sponsored by the state government and the medicare by the Federal Government. Medicaid is the discretion of the state to grant to the low income individuals. The medicare policy includes hospitalisation, nursing and home medical services. In case of disability you can claim medicare at any time despite age. The disability includes permanent kidney failure and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, if you suffer from any of these disabilities then age limit clause is not applicable.

Social Security Medicare Plan 2024

What is the Social Security Medicare Plan?

The American Social Security Medicare Plan 2024 is divided into 4 parts : 

Part A

The Part a of the Medicare plan includes hospitalisation, skilled nursing and home medical services if required. But part A does not include the long-term hospitalisation and custodial care. This is all funded by the government to the citizens of America or the person stayed in America for continuous 5 the time you attain the 65 years of age and receiving the social security benefit you are impromptu eligible for the part A medicare.  

Part B

The Part B of the medicare plan, which is also sponsored by the federal government includes expenses incurred of transportation such as ambulances, expense of some medical equipment and facilities required for mental health.

Part C

The part c of the medicare plan is an option for the insurer, if he wants to apply for it or not. The premium for this is paid to the person himself. Under this an individual can also add the insurance plan from the private insurance company to increase the medical insurance amount and as well as capping. Some of the private insurance  companies include dental, optical care and problems related to ear.

Part D

 This included the expenses incurred on buying medicines that are prescribed by the doctor. To claim under part d of medicare plan medical drugs prescription from authorized doctor is mandatory. An individual has to purchase separately the plan D of medicare policy. 

What is not covered under Social Security Medicare Plan 2024?

Many health care expenses are not incurred by the government, you need to buy the plan extra. Only part A and part b are included in the government medicare policy.

  • Custodial care
  • Eye care
  • Prescription glasses
  • Dental treatment
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Massage therapy
  • Overseas medical expenses 

Who Is Eligible For Social Security Medicare Plan 2024?

Following is the Social Security Medicare Plan Eligibility 2024 threshold which an individual need to meet to claim:

  • You must have attained the age of 65 years
  • If you are eligible for social security disability benefit then age limit is not the bar
  • You must be the citizen of the USA
  • Or you have stayed in America for consecutive 5 years
  • You must have worked at least for 10 years and job covered under social security

How To Claim Social Security Medicare Plan 2024?

  • If you are eligible for the social security benefit then you automatically enrolled for the medicare plan.
  • If you haven’t applied for social security then you can apply only for medicare policy.
  • You need to apply 3 months before you become 65 years old.
  • You simply need to visit the official website of the SSA.
  • If you have the account then login with ID and Password.
  • Or create a new account.
  • Then click on the option Social Security Medicare Plan.
  • Fill the form with all details.
  • Upload the essential documents.
  • Click on submit button.
  • You have successfully submitted the enrollment form for Social Security Medicare Plan.

You can even send the medicare enrollment form by mail or you can activate the plan by calling the customer care number.

FAQs on Social Security Medicare Plan 2024?

Is Social Security Medicare plan Free?

Yes, the plan A and B of the medicare policy is funded by the government if you have enough credit points and worked for 10 years with a social security covered job.

What is the difference between medicare and medicaid?

Medicare is funded by the federal government to citizens above 65 or to the disabled individuals of any age. And Medicaid is sponsored at the discretion of the state government to the low income citizens and also to the disabled.

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