Retirement Age USA 2024: Check Normal Retirement Age In United States

The congress passed a legislative in the year of 1983 according to which the SSA full benefit Retirement Age USA 2024 is increased. Currently the retirement age of the citizens in the USA is 67 years for men and for women employees the retirement age is 62 years and 2 months. In this article we will mention all the information about Retirement Age USA 2024, and we will know what is the Average Retirement Age USA 2024 on which most of the employees retire. 

Retirement Age USA 2024

The actual retirement age which is called  FRA is 67 years in which you will get all the benefits of social Security. All the citizen who was born in 1955 the full retirement age for them is 66 years and two months and for all the citizens who was born after 1960 or later the retirement age for those was raised up to 67 years. Firstly the early retirement benefits age was 62 years in which a permanent reduction in full benefit amount was 80%. The benefits or early retirement will be continued at the age of 62 years but it will reduce more. When you reach the full Retirement Age of 67 years the benefit taken by you at the age of 62 will be reduced by 70% of full beneficiary amount and if the benefits taken by the employee at the age of 65 years will be reduced to 86.7 percent of the full beneficiary amount. If you are delaying in taking the advantage of retirement after getting the FRA then the benefits will be increased by 8% per year. You can wait until the 70 years as after 70 years there is no advantage for not taking the benefit of retirement as no increment will be held after you turned 70 years. 

Name of Article Retirement Age in USA
Year 2024
Full Benefit Retirement Age for men  67 Years 
Full Benefit Retirement Age for women  62 years and 2 months
Retirement Age for person who Born in 1955 66 years 
Early retirement age 62 years 
After retirement age benefit 8% per year 
Average Age of retirement for men 64.7 Years 
Average Age of retirement for Women 62.1 years
Retirement benefits reduced by 30% 
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Retirement Age USA 2024

USA Normal Retirement Age 2024

The government has changed the retirement age for all the citizens of the USA regularly as per the birth year in which they were born. A table having all the information about year in which you born and normal Retirement Age given below:

Birth Year Normal retirement Age
On or before 193765 Years 
193865 Years and 2 Months 
193965 Years and 4 Months 
194065 Years and 6 Months 
194165 Years and 8 Months 
194265 Years and 10 Months 
1943 – 1954 66 Years 
195566 Years to 2 Months 
195666 Years to 4 Months 
195766 Years to 6 Months 
195866 Years to 8 Months 
195966 Years to 10 Months 
On or after 196067 Years 

Average Retirement Age USA 2024

According to the center for retirement research at Boston college the Average Retirement Age in the USA has increased. The Average Retirement Age USA 2024 is the age on which employees take retirement before the age of Normal Retirement. According to the research men’s take retirement in the age of 64 years and 6 months. The women employees of the USA takes retirements in the age of  62 years and 3 months. According to Gallon, the USA Average Retirement Age 2024 is 61 years. 

YearUSA Average Retirement Age 2024 for Men USA Average Retirement Age 2024 for Women

Retirement Benefits At 62

Born Year Full Retirement Age Retirement benefit reduced by 
1943 to 1954 6625%
195566 Years to 2 Months 25. 83%
195666 Years to 4 Months 26.67%
195766 Years to 6 Months 27.5%
195866 Years to 8 Months 28.33%
195966 Years to 10 Months 29.17%
On or after 196067 Years 30%

FAQs on Retirement Age USA 2024

What is the Normal Retirement Age USA 2024?

The age of retirement for all the people who were born on or after 1960 at the age of 67 Years. 

Can anyone claim retirement benefits before reaching full Retirement Age?

Yes you can claim for the retirement benefits once you turn 62 years. 

What is the USA Average Retirement Age for men & women?

The Average Retirement Age USA 2024 for men is 64.7 years and for women 62.1 years in the USA.

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